Saturday, December 22, 2012

US CYCLING Organisation FARCE !

The " Donati Report " was disturbing reading , but as a result of reading the " Red Kite Prayer post " today , i am now able to see that there are worse matters , that need to be tackled URGENTLY ! Charles Pelkey is an extraordinarily perceptive blogger and his Posts are the highlight of my reading list .

This week , his post is about US Cycling , and directs his readers to another website , that has abundant detail of the " Life and Times of Les Earnest "! Having read Charles's effort i followed the link and this was the result :
 ” Doping is just part of the problem ”By Les Earnest, Cyclops USA, 2012 December 8

Those that have failed to read the " Donati report " will be unaware of the extent that " Doping / PED products ,  TAINT ALL SPORT , in recent years . Les's article , starts out with him as a 3yo , on a trike , and continues throughout  his involvement with US Cycling Administration until recent days . His work with US Cycling appears to have been a series of confrontations with " THOSE " intent on manoevouring the Administration into a facility that would allow the likes of " Lance Armstrong and his associates " to evade responsibility for complying with " Fair Play " ! 

Somewhere in Les's article he refers to how US Skiing has been apparently taken over by the same tactics , if not by the same " group of business interests "!

My comment to Charles's Blog :

Found this Article by Les , as disturbing as the ” Donati Report “!

  1. ” Doping is just part of the problem ”
    By Les Earnest, Cyclops USA, 2012 December 8

    When i saw Les’s reference to Alpine Skiing , i couldn’t help thinking of Lindsay’s recent withdrawal from competition and some of the recent ” Four Game suspensions “!
    Would appear that the ” fix ” is not as apparent to the general public !
    Knew that Greg LeMond could not expect any assistance from the US Cycling Club so already suggested that Tracey Gaudry persue the UCI Presidency .
    Those voting in the UCI Elections , that vote for ” Status Quo ” , will be sending a signal , that they deserve investigation for a variety of unconscionable behaviours !
    Currently think , that the only successful assault on ” Fortress Aigle ” , will be by the Swiss Authorities as a result of the submissions offered them by Paul Kimmage & co !
    There is not the will for ANY substantial number of Cyclists to refuse to renew Licence registration for the period required for a result .
    Seems to me Charles , the sooner YOU start ” ”
    The sooner US Cycling gets a FRESH Makeover !
    Will take a person of your calibre to do this , but count on me as ” first in the ” sign on queue “!

This story came to light today  :

Not seen the name of the Cycling Athlete elsewhere , but thought that when an Athlete was advised of the Sample " A " , the matter became Public Knowledge ? Convenient that the tachnicality that cleared Roberto Heras , was announced at the same time . Amongst my souveniers is a " Vuelta Podium Shirt ", autographed by Roberto , guess it will be worth keeping after all ?

Good to see that tthere are " Dummy Samples " introduced to Accredited Labs , to check their credibility . Has this been WADA Policy all the time , or introduced because of recent " High Profile Cases " that UCI managed to influence ?