Saturday, November 28, 2015

George the Cyclist

Having been lazy enough to do nothing for over 12 months , i am going to make an effort to get back into Blogging monthly . It appears that people have contined to visit my blogs during the interim and so i should like to express THANKS for their persistance !

During the period that i have neglected to add to my catalogue , i hope that some of you have been following the exploits of " ". i have seen the occasional reference to myself during the past 12 months .

No doubt there are many that have seen George on the road as he has Cycled the routes of " Le Tour ' if not on the roads in the USA ?  Seems like he has been in most parts of the world and in the near future , i hope he points me to some of the places visited whilst in Australia  . Local to the area i am staying in currently , is another character that i met in Monaco at the Start of that Tour de France . Vince has Cycled the Le Tour route with George on several visits to Europe . This year was after arriving in Frankfurt and Cycling to Utrecht .

Whilst i will leave you to discover George's adventures for yourselves , i will add a quote in relation toi Ralph Nader , whose exploits in 1970s regarding Chrysler Cars , brought him to my attention and encouraged me to question many attitudes of retailers towards their clients . Nobody enjoys being fobbed off with 2nd class goods and being overcharged ?  i question every attempt to dupe me by those to whom i have to tender monies for goods or services !

Here is the item mentioned : :

  "  The early podcasts were mostly Nader being interviewed by his two co-hosts.  It soon evolved into Nader interviewing one or two guests who supported his favorite causes--single-payer health care, election reform, exposing corporate crime, auto safety, Palestine, banking reform, independent farmers.  Most of his guests say it is an honor to be on Nader's show and that he has been an inspiration. He has certainly been responsible for an incredible amount of things that we take for granted--seat belts, no smoking on airplanes, constructions vehicles beeping when they go in reverse.  Nader doesn't gloat.  He says anyone with a fire in the belly can effect change. He certainly would have  shaken up the established order if he had gained the White House."