Monday, May 21, 2012

GIRO D'ITALIA 2012 Signage

Is it my imagination that the Giro d'Italia does not use " signs " anymore ? You know , those pink  plastic squares that in past years were everywhere , hanging from so many imaginative places ?

During the past days in Italy , i have found that " Giro  Signs " are so few and far between that i can spend many kilometres wondering about whether i am on the right road , particularly since the red & white plastic tape is virtually non existent , as are the crowds i have come to expect in past years .

Riding the route from the Bra area today through the southern and Eastern edges of Torino , i found that when i called out " Ozzie , ozzie , Ozzie " as i have in past years , there has been very little response .

Generally signage on the roads can be confusing , leaving an urban area you can see roadside markers which are useful if on the bike , however the blue " Distance " signs are another story ! Starting a section of any road you will in the short distance of a kilometre discover that the number posted will be 3 or 4 different distances ranging over as much as 10 km ! How confusing can it be to see 46 become 52 then 43 then 48 as you rie along ?

Can go on for hours about different situations in a variety of countries over the years as i pedal the " Pro Tour routes " !

In the Giro presentation there was mention of how the Economy was having an effect on the efforts the organisation was making BUT really reducing the signage is not the way to go !