Friday, May 17, 2013

Letter to the Irish President , His Excellency Michael D. Higgins

The following letter sent to the President of Ireland

Your Excellency

It is with some dismay that i see Irish Cycling being dragged through the mire by an Irishman now living and working in Switzerland . Not only is his behaviour objectionable to me as an Irish born Australian , but also to other Cyclists , WORLDWIDE !

Pat Mc Quaid currently holds the position of UCI President and is due to seek re-election in Septenber for a third term in office . This position requires him to protect the constitution of the Union Cyclists International , yet he chooses to breach these rules & regulations for which he receives a Salary from that Organisation .

In the early 1970's he chose to breach Cycling Rules in a very serious manner and was discovered in South Africa , passing himself off as " James Burn ". Under this name he sought to ride in a variety of Cycle races in defiance of the IOC Bans on International Athletic Competition . When discovered , IOC banned him for LIFE , from their events .

Currently Cycling Ireland have convened an Extraordinary General Meeting to decide whether to Nominate him for the 3rd term of UCI President . In April 2013 ,  the Cyling Ireland Board decided amongst themselves to support that nomination . In disgust , Anto Moran , a vice President of this Board , resigned , effective immediately . He then discovered that there were anomalies in the conduct of this meeting and quietly advised the board , who then decided that the " EGM " was now a necessity . In recent days the Swiss Cycling Federation , was induced to step in and thus nominated Burns/Mc Quaid for the candidacy .

Your Excellency , the rules of the UCI , call for the Candidates to be " Nominated by the country of their Licence ! Mc Quaid holds an " Honourary Irish Licence " granted for his services by Cycling Ireland ! It is quite clear that " Rules " , as far as he is concerned are for " OTHERS "!

Perhaps Mc Quaid has Dual Citizenship , now that he works in Switzerland and held Posts in a variety of International Organisations , some since withdrawn . However he is still Irish Born and thus will respect advice from such as YOURSELF !

Cycling in Ireland is enjoying a rennaisence and there are many Irish Young in the Top Echelons of International Cycling Competition . There are others such as Ciaran Power , who quit , rather than be subjected to the " Doping Policies " to which the current crop of Cycle Racers are exposed . It is common knowledge that there is a " Biological Passport " programme , but there has been little or no testing during the past 18 months .

Last year Mc Quaid set up " UCIIC " , but when they tried to do the job that was required , he had it shut down for reasons that he thought acceptable to him .

Whatever Credibility , UCI had , in the early 1990's , it has evaporated during the Presidency of Hein Verbruggen , before and since 2005 under Mc quaid's administration . Until new leadership and transparency are introduced at UCI , there will  only be a " SSDD " attitude held by top management !

Mr President , with respect , only YOU , can prevail on mr mc quaid , to see that UCI deserves a better future ! Mc Quaid family have in the past been good for Irish Cycling ! But that day has PAST ! Enough is already ENOUGH ! In may 2014 , you will welcome the Giro d'Italia to Ireland , do you want to see a Great Festival of Cycling that is moving forward , OR , a sport mired in crisis ?


Skippy Mc Carthy

Copies being sent to

Anto Moran