Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WADA ! Oh what big teeth you have !

Last week WADA elected a New President ! This week we find that UNPLEASANT
News will be delivered to hundreds of thletes ! Seems that " PED Testing methods " have been even more enhanced , in recent times ?

Whilst Tennis Stars are screeming in the Media about having the " Bio Passport " imposed on them , thus some already being given 2 year Holidays , some of the Athletes nearing the end of the 8 year Statute of Limitations , will read the following with DISMAY :

Just seen Usain Bolt , on the TV talking about his Autobiography , will he be worried about these developments ? His problem is that his Country's Anti Doping Agency , has a questioable history . Throw enough mud and some will stick ? Bearing in mind that about 6 of his Discipline Colleagues , were suspended in the recent times and soon we will have a Media Feeding Frenzy , even if the Guy is as clean as he claims ?

Testing 2006 Winter Olympians at Torino produced only one recorded result , a Russian Biathlete . In 2010 some retesting was done with negative results , but now more are being subjected to the new tests . With these tests revealing several Athletes at the Moscow World Championship Event in August 2013 , 2 of whom have already been named , but others to be revealed , it is an odds on certainty that there are Winter Olympians of 2006 Torino awaiting their post ?

Retesting of Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics has been done in 2012 , with 5 Athletes being detected . Guess this quote will unsettle a few of the Beijing Athletes :

  "  "We can go back to Beijing before 2016," Ljungqvist said. "We may do that. We haven't decided yet. We will do it as the eight-year time approaches."

Problem that continues to exist is that a determined Doper , will reap the Glory of the Podium and the Financial Rewards attendant to that , meanwhile , the CLEAN Athlete will be overlooked and may even leave the Sport , through financial hardship , if not dissolusionment with not being able to reveal their knowledge ?

TIME that there was a MORE EFFECTIVE " whisteblowing system " in place , perhaps with Financial Incentives " to ensure that " Determined Dopers " know that they are no longer immune , and will not have the opportunity to enjoy their UNWARRANTED benefits , for years , as is currently the situation .

WADA has been shown to be receiving a smaller Budget in coming years , BUT , with the fact that , Hundreds of recent tests are reported to be " Negatives " ,  is it not  time that their Budgets , were severely enhanced ?


I for one , want to see clean Sport !

There are some that are helping WADA in their fight for CLEAN SPORT !  Skins chairman , Jaimie Fuller , is one such . Using his company resources he has taken the fight to UCI , successfully causing the Aigle Tag Team Duo , to withdraw from their unfounded Legal Action against Paul Kimmage , who Outed Lance Armstrong . 

In recent months together with Ben Johnson , he made a World Trip highlighting Doping before visiting the IOC HQ in Lausanne . Ben Johnson was caught Doping in Seoul , his life was changed by that event . His Celebrity and life since should serve as a warning to ANY OTHER contenplating PED use as a way to enhance their Career ?

Another point reflecting on :

  "  Why does the degree of Doping/ PED use matter? I always hear rape is rape. If nice guy doped and bad guy doped, well dope is dope. Why treat them differently?"

As regards the USADA Reasoned Decision , which saw off , an athlete that seemingly avoided
detection , UCI Management in tzhe period 1999 & 2001 , intervened to " Hein & co`s benefit . This is a common observation on his fully deserved Life Time Ban :

  "  Like bribery, coersion, money laundering, drug dealing/supply, witness intimidation, perjury, libel, fraud and corrupt business practices 

Add all that into the mix and the perp in question deserves slightly different treatment to somebody who takes the odd shot of EPO every now and then don't you think? "

DOPING pays in the Short Term , BUT WADA , will now ensure that the DOPER , takes a serious knock in the FUTURE !


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

PUSHING WATER UPHILL ? SSDD for UCI controlled Cycling ?

Cookson , new President of UCI , will be wondering how to deal with the latest Cycling News Stories ?

With reports in " L'Equipe " that Bjarne Riis is selling out of Pro World Team " SAXO " , there is speculation as to who will be the New Owners .

Then there is the new book from the 2007 Le Tour Racer , Rasmussen , who was sent home by his Team whilst wearing the " Maillot Jeune ". Ras was revealed at that time , to have advised erroneous information as to his " Whereabouts "! According to info supplied at the time , he was to be in Mexico , with family . During the Le Tour , Davide Cassani , journo & presenter with RAI TV , revealed that he had seen him in the Dolomites , wonder why he kept that to himself for so long ?

In addition to these items there is the relevations of Ryder Haesdahl , last week , HE DOPED ! He decided to stop before the 2004 season , so thats alright then ! Having been on the CLEAN Cycling career path since then , he has escaped Anti Doping Sanctions because of " SOL ( statues of limitations ) "
! Seems that RH had a chat with USADA in 2012, about the same time that others were dishing the dirt in regards to Lance Armstrong. , you know , that guy that was reported to have won " Le Tour " ,  7  times . Wonder what he has to say about this matter ?

Seems that he has a few things to say , as i just discovered in the few hours since posting this item :

This is the area of the article  , i thought relevant , to this blog post :

DB: When did you realise that the UCI didn’t give a fuck?
LA: I don’t know if they didn’t give a fuck or if they just couldn’t,
DB: But do you not think they didn’t have even the will?
LA: If they had the scientific data to protect them legally, then yeah, but again I don’t know. Ultimately we end up where we are today where we have a test that works for one compound [EPO] and guys have to decide if they want to dance around that. I’d like to think that there’s a lot less risk taking. But at the time they could only test for what they had a test for. I don’t think it’s right or responsible, and again I’m not defending them because I don’t really care for them, but cycling tried with some pressure to implement things that were just band-aids over the course of time. Whether it was just the 50 per cent rule, which was what it was – it wasn’t perfect but it was a step. But the sport got no credit for it. That led to more things like the off-score, which led to the biological passport and all the while, no credit. And every other sport that has the doping problem is sitting back and laughing, laughing their asses off, getting no attention, no criticism, no exposure and not doing a fucking thing.
honestly, and I don’t think highly of Pat [McQuaid] or Hein [Verbruggen] today, but what were they going to do? Imagine you’re Hein, and again I’m not defending him, but take yourself to '94 or maybe even '93 or before. He should have known before because high-octane existed in the late '80s and not just in cycling, in other endurance sports. You’re there, you’re the head of the governing body, you’ve got no test, no test at all – what are you going to do? And again, I know those guys are easy to pick on, but it’s 1995 for example, you’re Hein Verbruggen. What the fuck are you going to do? Hope someone gets caught at a border? There’s nothing you can do. Maybe they didn’t give a fuck, I didn’t ask them, but I do know that they could not do a thing. Just like the head of the IAAF couldn’t do a thing, just like the head of FINA couldn’t do a thing. They just did not have the tools to do anything until maybe 10 years later.

" Razzie " seems to have upset a few Pro World Racers , with his " Relevations "?
Seems that he claims that 100% of the " 2007 TDF Rabobank were " Doping "?  Would appear that he had made the same claim to the Dutch Authorities , earlier this year , when there was an investigation of the Rabobank Team ? Would appear that there were " Truth and Reconciliation Conditions " applied to all those Team Members that came forward and made a " Clean Breast of their Transgressions " during the " Amnesty Period "?

Rumbling along in the background is the Cycling News Forum , where ALL and Sundry , disguised by their Psydonyms and fictious IP Addresses , have added fuel to the bonfire :

The Revenge of Rasmussen

Some interesting comments :

  "  a very useful information as it shows some differences in the blood doping protocols publicly revealed ! it also shows a degree of sophistication and preparedness for blood profiling (as the passport was not formally/officially introduced till 2008 but was indded used for targeting way before 2008).

in the article linked by neinei above, ras, if i understood it right, was saying they drew about 220-230 ml into one bag. this is the infamous 'half-unit' that rendered the blood passport useless and that allegedly was used by bert before he got caught with clen..."

  "  So, Freire and Flecha. While it's possible that the original "100% doped" was an offhand comment which wasn't meant to be taken literally, it's very unlikely that they were clean. Rasmussen has only said he didn't see them dope, which is very different from saying he hadn't heard anything about their doping. What's puzzling is that he'd be afraid of a lawsuit at this point and only in regards to Freire.

  "  As recently as last December, Nys said he knew Leinders as 'an honest man'. He used to be Nys' trainer, not only his doctor.

I'm not accusing Nys of anything, mind you. Here in the Clinic everything's mostly black-or-white, but Leinders appears to be an interesting character who only provided doping to the happy few."

  "  He's mentioned. Lienders had to flush his bag (was planned to be used prior to the Vosges) in 2005, as his HCT would've gone beyond 50 with it. There are some more stories involving Menchov."

JV talks , sort of                

  "  So you're saying it's not possible that he could have deceived Vaughters? That Hesjedal has either not doped, or is on a team program driven from the top?"

  "  1) I doubt JV runs a doping program

2) That is not to say riders on his team definitely aren't doping

3) That JV hopes his riders are clean =/= them actually being clean. "

  "  in JV's defense, is there anyone besides Bassons he could hire that is not tarred?

maybe he could turn a professor at his business school into a mean DS."
  "  Yes, if he was found to be doping at Slipstream it would be a massive hit to the team given that it has been their basis of existence, that no one ever has and ever will dope whilst riding at the team. Additionally that was in response to you claiming that there would have been people who he could expose in order to get a six month suspension, presumably that could involve people who have worked at the team (e.g. Vande Velde, White, Lim, Weltz)."

RIIS bails out ?                  

  "   the Inner Ring ‏@inrng 1m
Gazzetta headline asks "What will Contador do?" but there's a contract in place so they'll have to get along or things get expensive
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the Inner Ring ‏@inrng 8m
La Gazzetta Dello Sport says Riis sells his Saxo team to Oleg Tinkov, cites Danish anti-doping investigation as a catalyst to speed up sale "

  "  Tinkov can become the modern day JV. A safe haven for dopers from the "clean" generation."

  "  Perhaps former dopers should not be allowed to run a cycling team, whether Ras, Riis, JV, Vino or any other, the problem is though it wont stop non sanctioned or confessed ones like Eki"

  "  I would hate to see Riis get out of the sport with a big pay packet!

Want to see him out of the sport but after being punished for enabling doping on his teams."

As a side issue Brian Cookson , new President of UCI , since September 2013 , has shown commendable "Transparency " in his time in office by revealing the Topics on the agenda at the 29th October Extraordinary Management Meeting . At that meeting , many of the Most Pressing Problems created by his Predessor , were addressed and progress in many of them were reported . A week later though , it remains to be disclosed , WHAT was done in respect of the Womens Cycling Agenda , that was " to be revealed later in the week "! Found in the media , is a letter reported to be from Hein Verbruggen , president of UCI , until 2005 , when he selected his successor and caused the likes of Silvia Schenk , to jump ship , before she was sucked down by the " Reported Corruption " of the ensuing years .

VERBRUGGEN LETTER ! (translated from Dutch ? )

  "  Dear President,

I am writing to report the truth about various aspects of my term as President of the UCI and to respond to a harsh media campaign against me.

I wrote to our President Pat McQuaid on June 1 last year to inform him of my decision to distance themselves from the world of sports, including cycling. After 38 years of dedication to the sport, now I want to enjoy retirement. The President took note and decided to respect my decision.

Firstly, I want to make it clear that I have never acted inappropriately and that my conscience is absolutely clean. With the benefit of hindsight, however, I admit that I could have done some things differently, but I do not accept that my integrity is in doubt, as has happened in recent months. As you all know, even if there is a President, decisions are made ​​collegially, as much by the Steering Committee by the Congress.

I had the honor of being president of the FICP from '84 to '91 with the following results:
- the introduction of new rules for the professional cycling;
- foundations for a system of social assistance for the professional runners
- strengthening the role of the Commissioners
- the creation of the World Cup and reorganization of the calendar to promote cycling in new countries. During my presidency of the UCI, Instead, we got these results: - unification of the three existing cycling federations: FIAC, FICP and UCI; - settling the finances of the UCI went from a deficit of 1.5 million Swiss francs in 1991 to a surplus of 13 million Swiss francs in 2005 - the creation of a staff UCI which went from 5 people located in three different locations in 1991, 75 in 2005; - Construction of a World Cycling Centre, an extraordinary resource for the globalization of our sport; - establishment of an Ethics Commission; - improvement of the position of cycling in the Olympic Movement.


During this period of intense transformation and development, we have never lost sight of the fight against doping, which is a problem for our sport since the early nineteenth century. If I gave credit for all that has been done during my tenure as President, I would end up ignoring the enormous contribution and all the work done by a large number of people. Among them, of course, the men who helped to pave the way in the fight against doping, ie the members of our Commission, with people like former Vice President Werner Goehner, Professor Manfred Doenicke, Dr. Leon and Dr. Schattenberg Alain Calvez. The fact that journalists and self-proclaimed "social media commentators" attack without understanding the UCI that are attacking the integrity of those who paved the way in the fight against doping and enjoys an impeccable reputation, it is frustrating for me and unacceptable.

I have much to say on the subject, but I prefer to let the facts speak for themselves. Many of the charges leveled against the UCI and against me on this topic have already been answered and I will not go back. In March 2002, Festina affair in the light of the Court of Appeal of Douai, after a thorough investigation and in accordance with the opinion of the public prosecutor, concluded that the UCI has done everything in its power to combat doping account. Evidently, this ruling speaks for itself and for me is more important than the supposed scoop of editors of websites or comments and opinions beds on Twitter and other forums.

WADA has always recognized the UCI work in this field: the Olympic Games in London , the Director General David Howman of Wada has confirmed to me personally that the UCI is one of two International Federations that brought forth more vigorously fight against doping. those who seek a more balanced view of past events suggest you read the book Who still believes in cycling? the Belgian journalist Hans Vandeweghe.

I repeat: I have never acted inappropriately and I have a clear conscience. No facts, no evidence contradict this truth. I refuse to engage in a debate silly and stoop to the level of those who criticize me and believe that I have to prove my innocence: in fact they are the ones who can not prove that I have done something wrong. I'm exasperated and tired of this endless chain of journalists who delight to fuel conspiracy theories, disguising themselves as "investigative journalists" to sell their latest book or inflate their egos or their careers.


A few words on the finances of the UCI. As I said before, I found the UCI in 1999 with a net debt of about 1.5 million Swiss francs. From the day I took office, I organized a transparent financial and accounting system, I hired accountants and called as an expert J.-P. Strebel to supervise their work. During my presidency, we never received criticism about our finances nor by national associations or by the Congress.

In a recent letter, a national federation asked (someone might think it was a joke ...) additional information on payments received by me . Let me be absolutely clear: I worked nearly full-time for the UCI and I never received a salary or a salary as President. I've been partly offset by the considerable increase in the cost of living that I have argued in relocate to Switzerland . Any analysis of my expense reports reveal that these adjustments were reasonable and modest. I have never accepted or received any commission or other payment related to my role as President.


Much has been said and written about my "friendship" with Lance Armstrong. And forgive those who think that it has never been photographed with other runners who were not Armstrong. The thousands of photographs that portray me with other athletes seem to be, by strange coincidence, all disappeared.

Allow me once again to be very clear. I've never been a "friend" of Lance Armstrong or other riders or team manager. The only rider who has ever come to my house was Greg Lemond, who with his father came to me for help because his employer is not paying him his salary.

I never said that Lance Armstrong has never doped : I just said, so that everyone could understand, that Armstrong has never tested positive. The fact that it is never tested positive for the UCI nor the French control authorities, nor by the USADA, nor WADA, or with any other organization makes ridiculous accusations of "coverage" that have been leveled against me. UCI has never protected Armstrong.

Any decision on Armstrong and any other racer has been taken in accordance with established facts and scientific means available at that time. UCI The position on the trail of corticosteroids in its champions in the Tour de France 1999, the file relating to its champions of the Tour de Suisse 2001 it was already clarified. I will not waste your time to repeat what has been said over the years.

I recently wrote to Lance Armstrong to express the disgust aroused in me the cynical game he plays, refusing to make a public statement to refute the allegations made ​​by his fellow team, Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton, who had said that they had nothing to fear if they were positive results, because he could not ask the UCI to take matters and cover their positivity. From what I understand by reading their testimonies, Armstrong had told them to be positive, even though no evidence of positivity has never been produced. Landis and Hamilton If they are right, I can only assume that the objective of Armstrong was to convince both of them that had tested positive and had managed to remove tests to assure them that he could do it again, even for them.

When these allegations were published for the first time, I wrote an email to Armstrong, I asked him if he had made ​​those statements to his teammates, stressing the seriousness of his words and the damage it would cause to the UCI, my integrity and my reputation and the anti-doping laboratory in Lausanne. Armstrong me immediately replied: "I have never been found positive, so I do not see why I should "invent" stories like this, it would be a really stupid idea. It is 100% false. " The fact that Armstrong has chosen not to respond to my recent letter and not to speak publicly about what he wrote in his e-mail in June 2011, it is really very painful.

I wonder, given the Their testimonies, like his teammates - who have revealed a deep knowledge of anti-doping rules and procedures - it was apparently so naive as to never try to ask him what he meant by "fix" things by anti-doping agencies like WADA USADA, AFLD, etc.. Let us not lose sight, then, the fact that Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton, who are now applauded for their courage, have been exposed and sanctioned by the UCI. And without the UCI their deception would never have emerged.

With the benefit of hindsight, and in light of the confession of Armstrong, I admit that it would have been wiser not to accept donations on his part. The UCI has clearly accepted the donation in good faith to finance its fight against doping. There is no relationship between the test and the two donations to the UCI Armstrong: Armstrong has never tested positive, there has never been any positive test to hide.


I have tried in this letter, to restore the truth, not having had the opportunity to do so before the Independent Commission that the UCI was forced to stop and that he had a mandate to carry out an investigation into doping in cycling and the UCI management.

I've never been afraid to defend my name and my reputation in court: I have never lost a case. I invite you to seriously question how I could do it, if I had something to hide.

There comes a time when enough is enough. I reached this point. If, after reading this mine, you will continue to doubt my role in UCI, much worse. I will not do anything to make you change your mind. Starting today, these problems do not concern me more and, despite what has happened over the last year, it is with a sense of pride and satisfaction that I look back at everything I've done paying my service to cycling in a voluntary. cherish in their hearts the many personal friendships that I got this sport and I am deeply grateful for the friendship and support I received during the last year.

Sincerely, Hein Verbruggen

One of my previous Blog posts , was entitled " Comedy Central of Cycling ", seems that we are back into that revolving door , once again ?