Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It's Tuesday and phat the rat is at it again ! With the internet providing the World with constant Updates , the truth is available 24/7 , yet there are those that " Huff & Puff " , and hope we the poor saps , can't follow the action or read between the lines !

For years the " Clinic " of that famous Forum , Cyclingnews.com , has had that famous  refrain " It will be revealed on Tuesday " ! Well we certainly get to read the revealed " info " on most Tuesdays ! This week we were entertained with the relevation of WHAT WENT on in the June 2013 , UCI Management meeting in Bergen . We had ALL seen the rumours in the Media , also confirmed by UCI Management Member , Brian Cookson's Blog , shortly thereafter  . Respecting the Confidentiality of the Meeting , Brian only revealed the bare info confirming a disturbing report being made available at that Meeting of the UCI Members .

Today we find the Media full of more revealing detail . Following excerpts will give the reader a better understanding of the situation that exists .

The report tabled was quite extensive but a leak of a 3 page summary is now in the Public Domain :


See below for the content of that report !

Released also today , is Brian Cookson's latest instalment of his Blog , containing confirmation of the accuracy of this report , establishing the similarity to that tabled in June :


His short statement :

  "   These allegations, which appear to be similar to those made to the UCI Management Committee in June, are clearly very serious.  For the good of the UCI and cycling, they should be immediately and thoroughly investigated by the relevant authorities. I hope that this matter can be fully resolved before the UCI congress on 27 September.
"For my part, I remain totally committed to a democratic election under the Constitution of the UCI and will continue to talk and listen to national federations and voting delegates on how, together, we can grow cycling globally and restore faith and trust in our sport."
It is worth visiting the Blog , since there are links to previous entries , which in the main address the timeline , since his announcement of his Candidacy for the role of UCI President . His Twitter feed will no doubt highlight the reference to the June Meeting in Bergen .

phat has had his say yesterday,  with a Media outlet :
Taken from this report , is one of his comments :
  "  “This is a scurrilous and libellous attack on my character, with a political agenda that is both nakedly transparent and totally contemptible,” he wrote, “and unfortunately one that is completely in character with the tactics of my opponents.”
Had there been NO Truth in the report tabled in Bergen , most people would be entitled to assume that he would have taken up the matter at an earlier time , with the issue of one of his " FAMOUS KIMMAGE STYLE LEGAL ACTIONS "?
Things are suspiciously fishy at Aigle , since we have had the FIRST Le Tour , in recent History , where there were NO SANCTIONS for Doping PUBLISHED ! Could it be that phat has a desk drawer , full of the " Positives " , but dare not reveal them , since he is in the " How to WIN FRiends mode "?
Another site had this to say lately , perhaps after reading my blog elsewhere :
  "  A few weeks back the news came out that there were no positive tests from the Tour de France. There were over 600 tests carried out and I can tell you, we all had our fair share of early morning visits. I think it’s encouraging. Cycling is light-years ahead of all other sports when it comes to testing."
Source of this comment leads back to a new site , with the mystery Racer , yet to be discovered :

This is not the ONLY Site , that is suspicious of the lack of " Sanctions ",  emanating from the first " Le Tour"  in recent times , to not find itself saddled with numerous DOPING CHEATS ! Here are a selection of comments from :

  "  In an interview on Irish radio McQuaid claimed he was not only not breaking the rules, he was “not even bending the rules.”

  " Okay, so when I write it like that, it’s not that funny. Maybe we should cue a laugh track. I’m sure Monty Python could have made a better joke of it, provided we weren’t talking about Pat McQuaid, but something humorous, like the Spanish Inquisition."

  " But then I remembered that McQuaid had managed enough arm twisting to secure the following:
The Swiss federation to nominate him (even if only briefly)
The Malaysian federation to propose a change to the constitution
The Moroccan federation to nominate him
The Thai federation to nominate him

Bear in mind that this Blog post originated on the 3rd Sept , and a lot can happen in a week of Politicing :

  "  That’s when I realized that we can’t leave this outcome to something as easily manipulated as a democratic election. An election is worse than a game of chance."

Since then a few other Feds have nailed their colours to the @Cooksonforuci masthead !

I count on to restore to its rightfull place.
Canada and New Zealand are the latest National Federations to add their support to my UCI Presidency campaign:

I'm delighted that French Cycling's Honorary President Jean Pitallier has joined Greg LeMond in supporting me

Some Tweets floating around about the Election :

As uci president I would establish a cabinet of Schenk, gaudry, gustav larsen and poss to review all activites

THis is the MAN of Conscience that caused phat the rat to live in fear the past few months ! I had been calling for @GaudryT to be elected President for some time ! Seems that others realise HER WORTH !

as uci pres I would have an independent review into all UCI financials since 99

that Tour of Ireland story when we remember that Pinotti wasn't paid his winnings for years, is even more appalling.

So Armstrong rode Tour of Ireland so McQuaid would ignore rules for his comeback & he didn't even have the decency to ride up Patrick's Hill

As uci president I would establish a cabinet of Schenk, gaudry, gustav larsen and poss to review all activites

THis is the MAN of Conscience that caused phat the rat to live in fear the past few months ! I had been calling for @GaudryT to be elected President for some time ! Seems that others realise HER WORTH !

as uci pres I would have an independent review into all UCI financials since 99

. statement on UCI corruption "immediately and thoroughly investigated by the relevant authorities"

Best piece I've read on the Pat McQuaid presidential election. He will stop at nothing to save his job

as uci pres I would get drunk and enjoy my 600K salary. Good night!

as uci pres I would get every start rider and DS into to a room and tell them to get their act together

As uci Pres I will place a levy on all the GT's prizemoney to support ladies racing

Was i the first to liken phat to Mugabe & " the dear leader "?

was right. is taking notes.

In a little over Two Weeks , we the Public , will see the UCI choose one of TWO Candidates to lead the UCI into the next 4 year term ! Jacques Rogge , that great mate of Nein Fordruggen , steps down today , after the Buenos Aires Election of his successor . With his departure and the reports that Nein is disowning his " NEVER , Never , never " statements AND his association with phat , the ship of state that phat was commanding , has now taken on the shape of a submarine , that has left its tubes open to let in the flood ?
The title of this Blog Post , comes from Dame Tanni ( UCIIC Member ,  ) , whose Tweet in recent times regarding the UCI going ons was " YOU COULDN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP ! " !
Meanwhile in the REAL World , we have a Film Premiere taking place , featuring , none other than the 7 times WINNER of that Perrenial Doping/Cheating Contest AKA " Le Tour "!
Tweeted comments on this event include the following :  
Interesting to watch getting stuck into Lance at the Toronto premier of 'The Armstrong Lie.' He says (of the deception): 'That's...

...what makes what he did particularly odious." You mean WE, surely Bill?

"lies, bribery, attempted extortion, attempted vote-buying, attempts at entrapment" A James Ellroy novel? No, the UCI Presidential elections

Was i the first to liken phat to Mugabe & " the dear leader "?

was right. is taking notes.

ANOTHER First being announced by WADA :


WADA to Introduce New "Steroid Passport"


Seems thst the CHEATS are about to have their FUTURE curtailled !


one is about to find that Social Media can be VERY Effective !


A few of the tweets :


Saddened to hear of another bunch hit while training in Waikato. Our thoughts and best wishes are with all the riders involved.

Too early to add details as i only followed a RT !

As mentioned above , following is the Bergen Summary .


This summary of "A Report on Corruption in the Leadership of the Union Cycliste
Internationale" (The Report), which has also been referred to in the media as "The Dossier," is
being provided as clarification to some of the misperceptions surrounding The Report. The
individual providing this infonnation has seen the entire Report consisting of 54 pages and 26
document exhibits, and helshe has knowledge of the individuals described in detail in The
Report. The release of this summary was not directed by anyone who commissioned or owns
The Report. The individual providing this information has been told that the reason the entire
Report as not been made publicly available, is because it has been turned over to law
enforcement authorities for follow·up.
The Report was investigated and written by two senior law enforcement and intelligence
officials who claim to have more than 60 years of investigative experience, They claim to have
been assisted by an internationally known private investigative firm with offices across the
globe, The Report claims the following:
1. There is testimonial and documentary evidence that in the late summer of2012, Pat McQuaid
and Hein Verbruggen solicited what amounted to a bribe of 250,000 euros from a named procyling team owner. The monies were allegedly for the UCI to help further promote the named
team, and cycling in general in the country of the team and team owner. The named team owner
declined to pay the requested monies.
2. There is testimonial and documentary evidence that neither UCI nor its private promotional
ann known as Global Cycling Promotion, S.A. was officially involved in the solicitation of the
funds, and that the funds were supposed to be paid to a specifically named front company located
in the UAE, involving a named secret bank account with ties to a named finance company in
3. There is testimonial evidence that when employees of another named professional cycling
team tried to involve UCI in a disagreement with team owners over the failure ofteam owners to
pay employees, UCI instead became involved in a corrupt relationship with the team owners and
allowed the illegal non·payment of salaries to continue, The witness who provided this
testimonial evidence claimed to have documentary evidence of this corrupt relationship
including documents from a named international accounting firm that were altered.
4, There is testimonial evidence that after the rider Alberto Contador failed a doping test in
2010, UCI tried to engage in a cover-up of the failed test in exchange for money, The witness who provided this testimony advised the efforts were not successful because the media became
aware of the story before the cover-up could be completed. The witness claims there are other
witnesses who can provide corroborative testimony.
5. There is testimonial evidence that in 2009 when Lance Armstrong was making a comeback to
cycling, he had not been in the UCI doping testing pool for the previously proscribed period of
time. Mr. McQuaid agreed to a bending of these rules, which allowed Mr. Armstrong to ride in
the Tour Down Under for an appearance fee of $1 million and in exchange, Mr. Armstrong
ab'Teed to ride in the Tour of Ireland for free - a race he otherwise would not have participated in.
Further, that Mr. McQuaid benefited from this agreement because his relatives or friends were
involved in directing the Tour of Ireland. The witness claims a personal, first-hand account of
these facts.
6. There is testimonial evidence from more than one witness concerning the well-known 1999
Tour de France urine samples that allegedly eventually contained evidence that Mr. Armstrong
failed doping tests, and that Mr. Verbruggen arranged for a friend of his, Emile Vrijman to
conduct the independent review and report about the incident. Further, that Mr. Armstrong's
personal attorneys wrote and edited portions of the report so they were most favorable to Mr.
Armstrong. It is further alleged that Mr. Armstrong helped pay for the report. One witness
stated that there is email evidence between Mr. Armstrong's attorneys and UCI officials, which
prove these facts. There is testimonial and documentary evidence that the night before Mr.
Armstrong appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Mr. Verbruggen was very concerned these
events were going to be disclosed during the interview of Mr. Armstrong.
7. On 18 May, 2013 at approximately 1500, Mr. McQuaid was interviewed extensively for
several hours by the two investigators about the allegations in The Report. The Report states he
denied all of the allegations, but the investigators claim there is testimonial and documentary
evidence that he lied about his knowledge and role in the allegations. Me. McQuaid has never
disclosed that he was interviewed during the investigation, and that he knows the nature of the
allegations as contained in The Report.
8. On 8 June, 2013 at the UCI Management Committee meeting in Bergan, Norway some of the
contents of The Report were disclosed to and discussed by Management Committee members.
Mr. McQuaid said he was going to bring the allegations to the UCl's Ethics Commission for
investigation. 9. During the week of 10 June, 2013, there is testimonial and documentary evidence that Mr.
McQuaid communicated with at least one of the members of the UCI Management Committee
and demanded a copy of The Report so he could personally refer the allegations concerning
himself to the UCI Ethics Commission.
10. There is testimonial and documentary evidence that On 29 June, 2013 at approximately 1700in Corsica, France, Mr. McQuaid was given an opportunity to read the entire report and ask
questions or make comments concerning the contents of The Report. The investigators claim
that he spent approximately one hour reading the report, making notes. and that he asked no
questions, and made no comments.
11. There is testimonial evidence from more than one witness that after Mr. McQuaid read The
Report in Corsica, France, he communicated with Mr. Verbruggen about the contents of The
Report. Further, that Mr. Verbruggen then contacted several of the witnesses in The Report in an
apparent effort to distance himselffrom Mr. McQuaid.
12. It thus appears the recent statements in the press last week by Mr. McQuaid that he has
never seen The Report are false. It appears the statements to multiple witnesses by Mr. McQuaid
that he intended to bring the allegations he was aware of in The Report to the UCI Ethics
Commission are false. It appears the statements by both Mr. McQuaid and Mr. Verbruggen inthe press last week that they have not recently communicated, and that Mr. Verbruggen no
longer has anything to do with Mr. McQuaid or UCI, are also false.