Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Betty Andreu and Emma O'Reilly had scorn poured on them for many years and endured heartache and Law Suits ! Today the person that caused them this aggravation was buried in the first avalanche of 202 pages of evidence ! Just so that he doesn't get complacent , there are another 880 pages coming his way !

Lance no doubt has reasons for the way he conducted his life . I know from personal experience that there are things that i did , that i wish could have been done differently . I made my bed and so will have to lie in it and suffer those consequences . Lance set out on a particular path , and TODAY , has discovered that there are consequences ! What the final wash up will be , is anyone's guess at this time .

Apart from Emma and Betty , there are other victims of the Omerta that seems to have surrounded Lance's career and people like David Walsh will find themselves busy fielding calls from colleagues that doubted their ability to discern the truth .

Paul Kimmage was one of the first to be treated as a Pariah because of his writing about " Doping " , in his book " The Rough Ride " and his subsequent career as a journalist . The evidence that USADA has published today , has come too late for the Trial that flandis did not attend but will be usefully available for Paul should the " prats of Aigle " dare to enter the courtroom on December 12th !

Following are a selection of Tweets this evening after the documents were released on :

In before "ah, so you admit it was a witch hunt, then?"

So what do you call a "witch hunt" that actually uncovers a coven of witches?

I did mean to type Emma O'R, and definitely don't want to get on the wrong side of Emma O'Reilly, one of the most formidable women I know!

When reading USADA report, remember Betsy A, Emily O'R and Stephen S who told the truth 10 years ago, without being compelled to do so.  

You know what takes more courage to do than coming forward and admitting ones mistake? Having the fortitude to not do it in the first place.

Oh man, . You're almost as bad at this press statement stuff as George.

Some might say better late than never for GH et al. Not so sure. Would have been never without BA, E O'R and SS and others

I love that those strong women played such a role in bringing the truth to the male sport of pro cycling

No doubt there will be much more to add to this story as Australia wakes !




Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Naples will be the Grand Partenza , start , of the 2013 Giro D'Italia . I enjoyed a few days there when the Giro started in Sardinia some years back . I recall that it was a warm and sunny period whilst waiting for the Giro d'Italia to continue from Naples on the Wednesday . I had hitched from Austria on the Sunday , since the trains would not carry my bike , even in a box , arriving on the Adriatic coast that night and then riding over the mountains on the Monday . Several visits to the area over the years have always led to visits to the Amalfi Coast which is really taxing riding , in that the roads are narrow and the Tourists are generally less friendly towards cyclists . Of course it would be a nice destination for sunning and observing , as i had done at Portofino many years before in the 1990's , as i was driving through to a Greek Holiday . With the Denmark Grand Partenza having been bitterly cold , i will welcome a return to warmer climes . This year the Giro will depart from Italy and visit France , even having a rest day in Valloire which is the home town of J P Grange ,
the French Slalom Ski World Champion . I have had occasion to visit and ski there during my stay ,and meet the family of this World Class Ski Star . Several visits to the " Gallibier " have meant that i have come to know these climbs . One December i stayed in Valloire , after arriving there with my bike and cycled up the Gallibier climb to the third Avalanche barrier after having sauntered up to the top of the Telegraph as a warm up . Dry roads but very crisp sunny weather and freezing in the shadows of late afternoon after a day on skis .
Mont Cenisio is another area i have visited frequently outside Giro and " Le Tour " visits . Having stayed in Sestriere and Susa on Cycling Holidays , i have made the climb on the way through to France .
PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION : and also visit the " Paul Kimmage Defence Fund " ! ONLY BY YOUR SUPPORT , will phat & heinous come to realise the depth of feeling that the Cycling Community has had forced on them ! Even if we have to wait until the " UCI Voting Delegates " have their ballot at the Management Meeting . Between times the " Voting Delegates will become aware of the GROWING Ground Swell of dissatisfaction that exists in all parts of the Cycling Community !