Saturday, January 29, 2011


Communication is important in any sphere of life and as i pedal around the Pro Tour routes i wonder what would happen if i went off the side of a cliff ! Plenty of folk out there probably wish i would , however how often have we seen spectators helping an unlucky racer back up to the road after either a spill or misjudgement during races.
Vaughters as well as being a former racer has as a team manager been co opted onto some of the Cycling Committees and thus brings a wealth of experience to bear .

Below is a link to his current thinking on this important subject:

As regards myself , i will have to rely on carrying a whistle and blowing it on the off chance it can arouse interest should i find myself in difficulties.

Whilst this is off subject a little , Lance has used great communication to create Livestrong and thereby raise $US325m which will be used to assist those suffering from Cancer. With him in the photo is Karen who is riding from the Tour Down Under in Adelaide to her home in Melbourne . Her mission is to raise the awareness of people to Lung Cancer's effect on ALL since more people are dying from Secondary smoking these days . Her website is well worth a visit since she and her team are currently on the road .

My comments on Lung Cancer are on , would enjoy your comments there or on has my take on Mc Quaid and his regime at UCI , latest info is that the requirement to have UCI approval of frames has been temporarily suspended . Seems there has been a rebellion by the manufacturers.

Not planning to follow Fatcyclist in seeking UCI 's approval of these blogs !

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