Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Serendipidy or What

D.G. of Giro provided my lunch today ! Passing me a km earler on the Passo Tonale his car pulled over for their picnic lunch , only thing missing was the wine . Tuesday night the Major of Belluno told me that i was "not riding the route of the Giro " according to the RCS sources ! Riding the Tonale today demonstrated to the contrary . Reminded me of that prat of a press officer with the TDS who said i spent all my time eating in the Press room at the Giro and then refused me accreditation at the TDS and spent a good hour on the Saturday sitting in his merc as i pedalledc up the HC climb that day ! Ok i am not riding as fast as i would like since i am on the Meds from the Feb reoccurence of the Embulisms BUT i am riding and not sitting in a car like others that i come across ! Heardf that the Bloke with the tin can on wheels with the dutch plate has been poising the well . Seems he can turn a pedal for a few metres , pity he hasn't the guts to put his mouth on the line . More follows including Visconti getting disqualified !


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