Wednesday, September 28, 2011


With WADA announcing the “ 2012 Prohibited Substances List ” recently there will be an upsurge in speculation as to the results of the “ UCI / WADA ” challenge at CAS in mid November over Contador’s positive to Clenbuterol at the 2010 Tour de France !

Currently we are seeing various sports having problems with this substance and as a result varying results when these cases are referred for consideration . Some federations tend to be more relaxed than others when handing out “ Suspensions ” to athletes .

Recently Oscar Sevilla was handed a six month suspension for use of “ doping related product” , another example of the relaxation of the 2 year penalty normally handed out in such cases .

Formoterol and Salbutamol both products to assist “ Asthma sufferers ” find relief ,have had their limits per 24hrs increased which could no doubt assist Petacci in future as he served a ban for overstepping the previous lower limit .

Nicotine use will now be monitored to see if this product has any effect on Athletes’ Sporting performance ! Grew up believing that smokers were disadvantaged by the use of Nicotine and had thought there was plenty of scientific evidence to support this supposition .

In June I tried to run a “ Competition “ to give away some “ Continental 4000s clincher tyres “ but very few looked at the story nor responded . PLEASE Take time to look at and tell me how we can do something which will make for a better result .

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