Wednesday, November 14, 2012 , disorganised ?

Yes , there is evidence that “ UCI “ wish they were organised ! Hilarious to think that phat could think an old fashioned “ Hot Line “ to report “ Dopers “ was an innovation ! Floundering around , now that he has had his head handed to him , anything other than staying stumm  appeals to him as a way out of the corner he has backed himself into .

Wonder if phat ever stops to think about , what will come of , the things that he has proposed recently ? It takes little effort to seek advice , from those that sit with him on the UCI Management Committee , but then he perhaps regards asking for , advice as a sign of weakness ?

Mike Ashenden does not mince words , when commenting to , on the proposed “ hot line “ recently , in the following article :

 “ For the UCI to urge riders to come forward with info. Now is like a fox with feathers in it’s mouth urging the next chicken to come down off it’s roost “.

When the UCI tried to muzzle him , earlier this year , he decided to resign . Since then he has been outspoken on a whole range of matters and the UCI must be ruing the day they thought to stifle his voice ? Read a whole raft of articles that have brought to light , matters which UCI would prefer “ Jo Public “ to be unaware .

Skins , the Company , have taken UCI to court , in an action to collect US$2M , that they plan to reinvest in “ Clean Cycling Sport “! They have gone further by asking the public to add any information that will strengthen their action . Link to the article :

Jamie Fuller in this latest item says as follows :

“ I would love to hear from anyone , etc ( my computer is not copying and pasting as it should )!

Toto has posted another of his cartoons :

Lance was the victim of the British sense of humour on the 5th November , when some Kentish people celebrated Guy Fawkes night with his effigy :

Was he trying to get his own back when he posted a tweet with an attached photo ?

Some wag managed to add to the hilarity with :

Just a few of the many floating !


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