Monday, April 1, 2013

CANCELLARA : Rampant ?

Favourities at the RVV , had different outcomes ! Easter Sunday was just another work day for the Racers as the Ronde VV ran through 100+miles in near freezing conditions .

Champion in a number of Editions , Tom Boonen , must have wondered if he should have stayed home and watched the race in bed ? 12 miles into the race , he was on the ground , awaiting an Ambulance , for the ride to the Hospital . Reports say there are no broken bones but i can't help thinking , that this will set his " Classics Season " back , somewhat ?

When we look at Individual Time Trials at the various Grand Tours , we see the winner cross the finish line at an average of just under 50 kph . Most of these events are over less tthan 10kms ? When the distances are 50 km + , the averages are around the 45+kph . In any event , these are the expected results and would not raise comment ?

Having run 250 km or so to the top of the Paterberg , yesterday , Cancellara , having shaken  Sagan loose , on this climb , decided that he would demonstrate why he was World ITT Champion & Olympic  ITT Champion . With a few seconds in hand at the top of the climb , he upped the pace to cover the remaing 12 km on a  49.5 kph pace ! Most racers have difficulty handling this pace for 12 km , yet , here we have a man , having already ridden 250 km , setting out for the finish , as if the day was just starting ?

Sagan is reported to have had difficulty holding Cancellara's wheel on the Kwaermont , some say that he overcooked there ? During the flat , between the climbs , it appears he was unable to regain the motivation necessary to persevere in the " Red Zone " ? Had he managed to crest with Cancellara , would he have had the reserves to hold the wheel to the finish ? It is reported that Sagan has a stronger sprint than most , so couldd he have satisfied all those that were predicting his victory .

Throughout the commentary on German Eurosport , there were continous expectations of Sagan & Cancellara producing a result . Doubt any of the Commentators were expecting the ITT Performance that Cancellara  displayed ? Harmon , the English Commentator , ie reported to have uttered :

 "  'the only way you can beat to kill him'

 There are reports that the word " literally " , was in this comment ?

Sagan has emergad in recent times as an outstanding sprinter , with good acceleration in both long and short sprints , certainly able to get results without the Sprint Trains , that so many others rely upon . Having crested the Peterberg , yesterday , Peter waited for Roelands so as to conserve the advantage they had on the rest of the Peloton . As a result of their combined effort , they were able to preserve their Podium aspirations .

With lousy Broadband internet connection , i have to rely on German Eurosport , for the Cycling coverage , would enjoy more , if my German comprehension was better ? Recall being in Belgium near Brussels , in the early 2000s , on my way to the UK , at Sunday race . The weather whilst clear was at freezing point , with frost on the ground , didn't even bother to get the bike out of the car . Crowds at the start , around the Team Pullmans were well wrapped up and those along the course were inhabiting the refreshment stalls .

As i prefer to ride the race  route , rather than await the arrival of the race , this was amongst the only occasions that i have visited a " Classic / Monument of Cycling ". Racers are there just for the day and the team workers are flatout making sure that everything works , no time for socialising under the circumstances .


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