Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Open Letter to Greg LeMond

Greg ,
When you speak with Stephano B. on Eurosport TV at the finish line of  " Le Tour " , most of what you impart is drowned out by the "EuroSport Translator "! They report their version of your words , but it does not carry the essence and Passion of your thoughts !  Both you and Stefano are trying to help the audience enjoy " Le Tour " , yet you come across as background noise to the Germaqn/ Italian / French translators .  Even the Racers that you Guest interview are reduced to this background noise . Most in Europe that have access to EuroSport TV are Bi Lingual , thus YOUR Voice should be dominant rather than
that of the stand in ?

Early in this Edition of Le Tour , i sent these " Placards " via Twitter , hoping that EuroSport would choose to remind the WorldWide audiences that Cyclists DESERVE Safety as vehicles pass them on the road . It matters little to me whether you choose to use Mine , or adapt them , to remind ALL that Cyclists are Vulnerable when being passed on the road .

When presenting the " Placard " adapted to the " Tirreno-Adriatico Event " , to Chris Horner at the start area in Mid March , he was jovial /amused at my efforts , yet weeks later he was the Victim of just this type of Traffic Violence . Tyler Farrer has a Father , a respected Surgeon , now in a Wheelchair due to Traffic Violence . Peter Stetina retired from a Grand Tour due to a relative being the Victim of Traffic Violence . You will have knowledge of so many ,Former Colleagues , Family & Friends , that have suffered in many ways from Traffic Violence .

Greg YOU are described as " EuroSport Cycling Ambassador " yet has there been ANY Occasion , where you have mentioned " Safe Cycling Pass " or the 3ft Rule that many US States have recently passed into their Traffic Laws ?

YES , Cycling Manufacturers do not want the " Downside of Cycling " to be highlighted , look at how much controversy was created when Contador hit a " Pothole / Road Surface defect . Now it is clearer that Racers are also subject to this common problem on the Roads . Most Motorists fail to understand that Cyclists need to avoid Road defects , so much easier to spot on the Bike , than from behind the wheel of a Vehicle . May i also remind you that the Founder of the " Willier Bike Co. " was the Victim , on a Sunday Ride , of Traffic Violence !

Vehicle Drivers these days , tend to think that they are allowed to drive above " Posted Speed Limits " , as close as metres to the Vehicle in  front of them and pass Cyclists within Millimetres , then plead " It's NOT My fault " when they send the Cyclist to Hospital , if not to the Morgue !

Should you wish to ASSIST " Cycling Safety " take a look at the following Websites :

 USA  https://www.facebook.com/LookSaveALifeArizona?ref=stream

 Aus    https://www.facebook.com/amygillettfoundation

 GB     https://www.facebook.com/groups/stopkillingcyclists/1464580850459489/?notif_t=group_comment_reply

So many others that could be included !

They All DESERVE recognition , since they are trying to remind ALL , that Cycling / Cyclists deserve better than Vehicle Driver IGNORANCE of Traffic Laws when they are trying to ride from point A to B , whether as Personal Transport , Sport or leisure !

YOU can do as some of the Personalities in the Photos , download the " Placard " and display it for the Media !




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