Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CONTADOR INNOCENT ? RFEC who are they and what use are they ?

Picture tells this story! UCIless & WADAbootless outmanouvered once again !

Anyone miss the real headline of the day ? ?

Yes there will be no more of Lance in competition and it is sad that he never made the 8th win but will be remembered as the guy who helped millions of Cancer Sufferers !

Great work ethic and whether "Saint or Sinner" a great human being that helped others as he no doubt helped his friends and family through turbulent times. What will follow in the next years remains to be seen as there are so many out there that have an adverse reaction to "tall poppies ". Came into Road Racing as a champion elsewhere and continued his quest for perfection until the 7th Victory in thr Tour De France and on his return became a man of the people and very much more approachable for fans , did this lack of [previous sinle minded focus cost him even more victories?

Contador is on his bike again and we will endure journalistic commentary upto and including the Vuelta Espana, we may even have a scapegoat offering inthe REFC mail room , disclosed will be some nonentiety taking home the missing letter as a trophy !

Spain's economic woes are such that even the King of Spain will take an interest in Cycling if it helps keep the populace stable, the Government has hopped on the band wagon in an attempt to appease the masses.

REFC has a lot to answer for and no doubt the several members will quietly resign and fade away into the sunset. Those that remain will feel that their country is being victimised by outsiders . All of them will enjoy reading the following :
Cyclingnews item for those reading english : has their take also :

Added 17/02/2011 has added a new twist to the current situation !

Between flandis, ricco, Fatty , Contador and Lance, cycling fans will have lots of reading on rainy days whether perched on the tacx trainer or in front of the TV.

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