Saturday, February 12, 2011


Arriving in La Londe friday night 12th feb i took directions from a Policier Nationale and then came across him again SAturday morning.

Don't take people as they appear has always been a rule i work with; each person has their own story.

This character is a little larger than life, reminds me of "basher Malloy" from Manly Police of many many years back.

Christophe Bizot was a French National Heavyweight Boxing Champion 1993 to 1996 and Vice European Champion 1995/6 ; wouldn't like to mix it with him in the dark if in the wrong.

Bing does not throw up his details so i need to find a computer with google ! One link i found: .

More follows after Ireland beat the French today 20's to 15 or so , have his email to tell him so .

ADDED 17/02/2011

Well Ireland lost the plot and went under 22 to 25 so not yet sent the email with all the health issues etc going on. Ireland's final try was so painful to watch that i wouldn't have been too dissappointed had they been denied by the french

Checking through some info i find that Christophe fought Mohammed Ali in 1995 : seems it was a 10th round loss on TKO .

Found a recent interview in French, link here, Google Translate available :

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