Monday, June 13, 2011

GRINDELWALD for Tour de Suisse

Amazing scenery with thoughtful drivers who do not sit in your boot whilst awaiting the riskiest overtaking manouver usually on a blind corner or in the tunnel but double white lines do not exist in their vision !

French and Italian drivers treat all in the same way , tourists are no different to their neighbour , if they could push you off the road to save a fraction of a second , so be it . Swiss drivers tend to be methodical and considerate and even anticipate pedestrians as they approach a crossing .

Weather here in Grindelwald is drizzily but after the sunshine yesterday and a lot of riding a few hours off the bike will be welcome . Hopefully the racers will enjoy better weather in the afternoon for their climbs and the arrival with it being downhill will be interesting .

Yesterday i managed to load the video shot in Alp d'huez to You tube and when i find a speedier computer i will be able to add that and other photos to the blog , each time i change a post it seems that the advice goes up so if you decide to visit the youtube item it is 120Mb but i have learned a few lessons from that so later video iotems i hope will be shorter and use less MB !




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