Thursday, June 9, 2011

So Wiggins has a new shirt

Sky is the limit they say ! Brad Wiggins wrested control of the Dauphine Libere when Cadel turned in a result that could have been better . That Wiggo was able to assert his authority in this ITT must give TDF contenders pause for thought . Not only he but some of his team mates turned in good results and are now looking like they could fashion a stronger result in a TTT .

Followed Wiggo off the course and saw his contretemps with his DS so it was clear that to that point he had not realised he was on the way back to the podium after a Quick cleanup .

During the next 4 days we can expect that Sky will have to work harder than the team would enjoy as we enter the mountains . These days will bring interesting  tactics into play as the other teams will exert pressure to make Sky work to retain the Maillot .




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