Wednesday, December 7, 2011

637 Days To Go: Happy Birthday to.... this blog!

637 Days To Go: Happy Birthday to.... this blog!: It was one year ago today that I made my first post on this blog. And what a year it has been. No better time than today to look back and re...

Tried to leave this comment BUT blogger resists my efforts:Not seen a reply to my previous comment so can assume that you did not visit my blogs !( delete )

" When you go to the 110+ comment on you will see the time that i posted there and then go to your blog stats and see if any " fatcyclist comment " has looked to your blog , reason is i have been trying to educate that blog about " disabled Sport " for several years so would be interested to see if there are any following the link . When you post a photo in the fatty comments literally thousands click onto see the item .( delete )

So i did ask for exchange links if it suits your purpose .On Parrabuddy in June i ran a comp. to give away some Conti Tyres so as to generate links to Para Athlete blogs to make available to follow in the run up to the Para Games . Total lack of interest ! Like your reply , too hard or forgotten . ( Delete )

Hand biker clicked on my request for " Friending on facebook " sent him a PM months ago , still waiting for a reply ( not holding my breathe ) fortunately the para people i loaned bikes for training of course do keep in touch , guess it serves their purpose . (delete )

Not sure what you would wish to put up in the comments so offered the options !

Today first day in months not training because of the sleet but spent time preparing the ski gear i will be using when i assist disabled skiers in the Zillertal valley at Mayrhofen this winter . Should you know any Attempting to prepare for the Winter Paras feel free to put them in touch , some of my racing skis could be made available BUT they are of the old regs and at 66years young not sure if i wish to do any 24hr events this season .

BTW i am a Dublin born Aussie but that is another story "

WASTED 5MB pissing around with this comment !

NO WONDER NO ONE Leaves me comments on my blogs !

EVEN WHEN I SIGN ON AT " GOOGLE+ " i still am unable to leave a comment and so far i have used 13MB for WHAT !

Apologies to anyone who in the past has tried to leave comment and has been treated in the same way as i have been today !

About time i went to Wordpress or another reputable blog supplier " Blogger " is a WASTE OF TIME !

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