Saturday, December 3, 2011

MAFIA profiting from DOPING !

Cycling News Forum commenters were fooling themselves when they “welcomed ” the 8 year ban on “ joe papp ” and the fact that he did not get jail time ! When I reminded them that there are innocent people losing their lives in the Mexican Drug Cartel Wars there was no reply to my comment ! Not a peep from those garrulous overworked fingers !

Doping is BIG business and has been for most of the 21st century and it will continue to grow to the extent many athletes are calling for it to be legalised . Wondering if they are using or are frustrated at the inability of the authorities to cope amounts to the same frustration . WADA’s David Howman has spoken with Cycling News about the efforts to catch Dopers and has made it abundantly clear that only the “ dopey dopers are getting caught . Link to the recent article :

One Cyclist says that because he didn’t drink enough water after his Dope Treatment he was caught in an Out of Competition Control . So if he drank more water that day he would still be cheating ALL ! You , me , team , sporting fans , family and friends , fooling us all into thinking that his efforts were due to training and natural ability rather than the shortcut regime he chose !

Were his team admin and colleagues surprised ? Doubtful that they were pleased with his attitude of indifference thus casting suspicion on the other members of the team . So many of the team have been with other previous teams that have had members suspended for Drug usage and thus there are many questioning their ability to perform .

WHEN WILL WADA and UCI institute a moratorium that allows ALL cyclists both current and retired to come forward without penalty provided that they turn in the names of those they know are USING and SUPPLYING ? Reading of those associated with Team Telecom that have owned up as one example of teams in recent years that had questionable practices in place suggests that more skeletons are to be unearthed from that era .

When and only when a moratorium is put in place will the true level of corruption be exposed . Those that do not put their hand up before the expiry date should be subject to 10 year bans or even Lifetime Bans from involvement in SPORT at any level be it as a competitor , spectator , or suppliers’ employee including Goods , Services or Advisory capacity . None of their previous Sporting activity will then be of value to future employers . Can you imagine where the likes of Hamilton or flandis will earn an income if they were reduced to the level of “ joe blow ” the taxi driver or car wash attendant ?

Youngsters that show promise are targeted by the Drug industry and thus when they reach a certain stage of “ Excellence ” should be put into monitoring programmes so that not only their ability is enhanced but their health is monitored so that there is little opportunity for the Criminal element to put them on Drug related regimes . Costly as this may be initially it will forestall any hoping to rise to the top by illicit means and hopefully will save lives along the way . Many youngsters are dying from undetected health issues whether in sports events or elsewhere and perhaps saving some of these could be a beneficial result even if they do not rise to prominence in their chosen sport .

Smoking was socially acceptable until recent years and very gradually it is being banished from a more healthy society . All tobacco companies are trying to find new markets for their products in the developing countries but thankfully I no longer leave a restaurant or private party stinking of residual smoke . Alcohol is also being targeted to the extent that I can drive more safely on the roads and walk the city centres with less fear of being hassled by drunken slobs . Drugs are still on Main Street and Governments are even now reversing their attitude to soft drugs having realised that reducing the penalties on the likes of Marijuana only encourages those supplying to offer more and tempt current users with stronger more harmful products .

White Collar crime is being targeted in the workplace and Drugs there also so it is overdue to crack down on recreational sports doping . If Tobacco and Alcohol can be made Socially unacceptable so can the use of Drugs in Sport . Fact is Fraud is unacceptable in the workplace so there is no excuse to allow it in the Sporting Arena !

When looking at Sports Forums it is clear that there are some Amateur Sports People using Doping Products . What are they getting from wasting their money in buying a product that will give them no benefit other than “ bragging rights ” with their mates ? But then that for some that is all that counts !

EGO is so important to many but surely they must question what they could have achieved without resorting to enhancing their abilities in this way ?

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