Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Naples will be the Grand Partenza , start , of the 2013 Giro D'Italia . I enjoyed a few days there when the Giro started in Sardinia some years back . I recall that it was a warm and sunny period whilst waiting for the Giro d'Italia to continue from Naples on the Wednesday . I had hitched from Austria on the Sunday , since the trains would not carry my bike , even in a box , arriving on the Adriatic coast that night and then riding over the mountains on the Monday . Several visits to the area over the years have always led to visits to the Amalfi Coast which is really taxing riding , in that the roads are narrow and the Tourists are generally less friendly towards cyclists . Of course it would be a nice destination for sunning and observing , as i had done at Portofino many years before in the 1990's , as i was driving through to a Greek Holiday . With the Denmark Grand Partenza having been bitterly cold , i will welcome a return to warmer climes . This year the Giro will depart from Italy and visit France , even having a rest day in Valloire which is the home town of J P Grange ,
the French Slalom Ski World Champion . I have had occasion to visit and ski there during my stay ,and meet the family of this World Class Ski Star . Several visits to the " Gallibier " have meant that i have come to know these climbs . One December i stayed in Valloire , after arriving there with my bike and cycled up the Gallibier climb to the third Avalanche barrier after having sauntered up to the top of the Telegraph as a warm up . Dry roads but very crisp sunny weather and freezing in the shadows of late afternoon after a day on skis .
Mont Cenisio is another area i have visited frequently outside Giro and " Le Tour " visits . Having stayed in Sestriere and Susa on Cycling Holidays , i have made the climb on the way through to France .
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