Friday, January 25, 2013

UCI less latest !

This Blog Post was in the " draft " section , since Nov 2011 ! On reading it , it seems to be " Same old " , year by year for UCI less !

" UCI less latest "

FIRED ! Now we find that this recently dismissed person left a sting in the tail !   5 “ dopers files “ are found , after this departure from UCI HQ !

My comment to the “ mushroom farm ( CNF ) ” :

“ What is this thread ? 20 guesses ? Does it matter who the FIVE are ?

Question is , Why was the person sacked by UCI ? Had it been for incompetence then why was All the work done by that person not audited to see what they had been involved with recently ? Would this have found the “ Missing Files “ earlier ? When some people leave a job because they are not doing it well would not the “ Supervisor” have concerns about the “ Quality “ of work done ? Perhaps a few more heads should roll?

UCIless appear to be an organisation that needs help to do even the most fundamental tasks and the sooner the “ IOC “ step in and sorts them out the better chance Cycling has to continue as an Olympic Sport beyond 2012 ! ”

Question is whether this guy , Hein , on the right , was running a competent organisation that was already on a slippery slope Or whether this guy , below , could do a better job ?

Some time back there was discussion about whether Cycling should continue to be an Olympic Sport because of the “ Doping Problems ” ! Whether Cycling can continue to be considered an Olympic Sport will largely depend on how it is managed in the Near Future and thus it is time that the hierarchy at UCI is replaced with those who can “ Bite the Bullet “ and face up to the reality that there are serious problems that neet to be addressed NOW ! To many UCI is short for “USELESS , COMPLACENT , INCOMPETENT “ !

Keep up the pretence Pat et alia and Cycling will be excluded from 2016 Olympics !

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