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" UCI IC " Derailment ?

If today's " Procedural Session of  UCI IC ", was an episode out of " Faulty Towers ", that TV Comedy , with phat taking the role , for which John Cleese is known to play , then today's session could not have been any more Comic ?  Originally scheduled for Tuesday , the " Procedural Hearing , was moved back to Today , Friday , due to the expectation that Heavy Snowfall in the London Region , last Tuesday would create Transport Chaos .

Only when i spotted the following Tweet , did i discover , why i was not seeing an earlier report of that hearing :
the Inner Ring ‏@inrng
Sounds like the UCI's Independent Commission has just been blown out of the water …

On investigation of the tweet link i found a bunch of tweets over a period of a few hours . Read them , below , at the bottom of this blog post , starting from the last , to make sense of the timeline and goings on of the Hearing .

From seeing this tweet , i went to the CNF Clinic to see what was occuring there ! Nothing ! So i started the following thread :

Some of the comments were of interest , others comic :

  "  I'm not sure why, but this scene from " A Few Good Men ", keeps springing to mind.

Col. Jessep: You want answers?
Kaffee: I think I'm entitled to.
Col. Jessep: You want answers?
Kaffee: I want the truth!
Col. Jessep: You can't handle the truth!  "

  "  "We're not trying to kill this inquiry. We set you up," Mill responded later in a heated exchange that led to him being told by Otton: "Please do not raise your voice."

Perhaps the bolded bit is all the UCI meant to say "

"  Nick Howson ‏@NickHowson

UCIIC hearing will be adjourned until Thursday 31 January to allow Wada, USADA and UCI to agree amnesty process.

Jacquelin Magnay ‏@jacquelinmagnay

Uci ind comm suspended til 31st January. And will decide to "vacate" the hearing at that time.  "

There has now been a " News Release / Bulletin " from " UCI IC " :

Would like to have been a fly on the wall , today , but the only winners , appear to have been the Counsell , for the various parties , since they are reputed to be receiving GBP1500 , for each day . My computer does not have the " Pound key "!

Those of us , keen to see the " UCI IC " , succeed in their endeavours , hope that they " Stand Firm " , cause the UCI , to give them ALL Documentation and cause UCI & WADA , to create the necessary "Regulations " required to set up the " Truth and Reconciliation Process " to enable the Panel to do the JOB , with which  they were Tasked !

As my readers will recall , i have created a number of " petitions " , asking for an " Amnesty " , since i feel sure that Current Racers , are unlikely to risk their careers , to provide the type of Evidence needed , to enable Cycling to move away from it's sullied past !

When you consider that these petitions , aimed at assisting the Racers , have been largely ignored by the public , it is reasonable to believe that the " Racers and Support Staff " , will not step out of the shadows , without reasonable assurances of " Anonimity "!


there was another Petition , created by members of CNF / clinic , that achieved several hundred supporters , but it has dropped out of sight .

An Eye witness to , Today's hearing , offered this comment :

  "  I went to the hearing.
 Some comments:

The UCI were fully lawyered up. I counted six alongside Pat on the UCI benches.

Anyone who doubts the independence of the commissioners is flat wrong. They were openly sceptical of the UCI and turned down UCIs request to put the process on hold, for now at least.

The UCIIC will probably eventually put the process on hold, but not until there is evidence that 
a) some form of T&R / amnesty procedure has been agreed with WADA and 
2) the process will continue to look at UCI behaviour in a reasonably short time period.
 They are pushing to evidence of these at next weeks hearing.

The commissioners did not understand why they had not received documents and were concerned that even you accept the UCIs reason about T&R replacign the currrent process, that excuse only really became valid a week ago when the amnesty discussion started.

UCIIC keen to have all three of USADA, WADA and CCN involved in the review, as they have both evidence and expertise.

At one point, Ian Mill regarding the T&R process said to the the commissioners something like "you have chosen to take the side of WADA and USADA".

UCI have only agreed to support T&R because UCIIC pushed them to do so. To be fair, they do have reasonable arguments abotu the length of time such a process will take, but they then seem to want to put everything else on hold while this was completed.

At least one current or former member of staff at UCI has volunteered to give evidence to UCIIC, but only on condition that UCI do not attempt to discipline him or her for e.g. breach of confidentiality. UCI gave verbal agreement to this.

UCI raised the cost of the process many times, and said that they would "partly fund" a T&R / amnestry process. This looks to me like the next defensive position for the UCI. They may refuse to go ahead with T&R until there is sufficient funding from other stakeholders."

START your reading of " Richard Conway Tweets ", from the bottom !

UCI lawyer to Armstrong panel:"We're not the bad guys here.We have a finite amount of money available to us..we're not like a football body"
 Retweeted by Richard Conway BBC
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12m Richard Conway BBC ‏@richard_conway
UCI want panel suspended. Panel requesting docs. UCI say expense is reason for not releasing, esp if panel won't consider matters in the end
22m Richard Conway BBC ‏@richard_conway
UCIIC says needs to be persuaded UCI not using truth and reconciliation disagreement to "kick into long-grass" allegations in USADA report.

Richard Conway BBC ‏@richard_conway
UCI counsel - "why have two processes when you could have one?" Independent panel increasingly aghast at UCI position.
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41m Richard Conway BBC ‏@richard_conway
UCI counsel responds by saying that "we're funding this process" as one reason why it won't release requested docs to independent panel.
43m Richard Conway BBC ‏@richard_conway
Things heating up at UCIIC meeting. Panel demanding to UCI counsel to see documents. Say no documents provided by them to panel.
51m Richard Conway BBC ‏@richard_conway
Truth and reconciliation process wouldn't begin until middle of year. UCI counsel says twelve months before all involved give evidence.
59m Richard Conway BBC ‏@richard_conway
UCI plan update in March on progress towards wider truth and reconciliation process.

Richard Conway BBC ‏@richard_conway
UCI say no amnesty can go ahead without changes to WADA code. No April hearing, no report in June. Commission they established neutralised.
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1h Richard Conway BBC ‏@richard_conway
UCI accept need for truth and reconciliation process but it must go wider, involve WADA. Say proposed UCIIC hearing in April can't go ahead.
1h Richard Conway BBC ‏@richard_conway
UCI about to explain its position on amnesty and truth and reconciliation process.
1h Richard Conway BBC ‏@richard_conway
UCI counsel:3 week window for doping amnesty proposed. UCI declined. Strength of amnesty highlighted by Armstrong's statement he'd take part
1h Richard Conway BBC ‏@richard_conway
At UCI commission meeting. Lead counsel says it has met with "omerta" and without amnesty for witnesses evidence over doping will be limited

Found this gem today :


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