Monday, June 17, 2013

Phat , Sling yer hook ! BEGONE !

The following tweets say it ALL !

@DavidWalshST 15 Jun

1/2: It is reluctantly that an Irishman quotes Oliver Cromwell but what happened in Dublin today in relation to Pat McQuaid justifies it:

2/2: "You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately. Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go."

Totally relevant comment about phat the rat  by a renowned Sports Journo .

Problem is though , there are those so out of kilter that they trot out the following drivel :

Seems that the saturday meeting was not as close as the 74 for phat & 91 for " GO! " , suggest ! It is reported that many of the " Oldguard , had the right/privelege to issue 2 votes " , thus although in a democratic system , ALL are equal , like the old USSR , Cycling Ireland has other ideas about democracy .

Thanks to the likes of Anto Moran & Colin Mc Grane of Cycling Ireland , Cycling Sport , is getting closer to being able to rid itself , of the UCI Constitution , that essentially preserves the wishes of the Aigle Tag Team Duo .

Comments in Cycling News Forum tend to suggest that phat the rat will be towed from the stage , scratching the floor as he attempts to retain a vestige of his former powers .

  "  Remember Hein runs the UCI like he owns it. So, if Hein wants Pat to remain, chances are good we'll see some more interesting interpretations of UCI procedure.

Also remember the UCI is not a Democracy. Sure, people vote for stuff, but votes are bought and sold by people that do not have to report back to ground-level members. I have no doubt the likes of Makarov, Cookson, and Thom Wiesel's proxy Plant are helping kick Pat out. But, it's a complicated, opaque structure.

Hein is still there at the top. Pat's got UCI resources to buy votes."

  "  He's not going down without a fight.

All expenses paid housing, travel account and access for his family to riders and races.

It will take more than a vote to remove him.

They need to destroy him. Embarrass him.

They asked him to resign on Friday. He did not.

Pat is not stupid. The majority of the management committee were on on the Armstrong heist.Many have also benifited from presidency. They've done deals. Exposé him. He'll expose them.


Like your post suggests, the Management Committee had to be in on the fraud. Wouldn't it be a shame if the dossier were strategically leaked? C'mon guys! Go for broke!

Pat's got quite a bit of resources to get things going his way again.

I still want to know what Hein's got to say about it. Maybe he needs to write another letter to the UCI's voting members? "Pat and I aren't terrorists! And another thing, we never ever ever never made money on the side because of our position at the UCI." That will be leaked in hours.


I found the patriotic call quite amusing when at the earliest opportunity Pat remembered he was a Swiss cycling member as well as that when he was off in South Africa he had no hesitation in pretending to be English.
McQuaid doesn't care about nationalism, McQuaid only concern is himself.

@thehog - Also, as was pointed out to me recently, if McQuaid is ousted he is without a job and any real prospect of getting one.
He currently pulls in a nice tax free sum that he doesn't need to touch as everything else is covered by either UCI or IOC.
If he had gone with some dignity he might have ended up on some board somewhere - now not even Sportsaccord would touch him.


Whilst phat is in the fire , being roasted by the likes of myself , it is safe to assume that he has the ability to create a great deal of CONFLICT , for those that have been on the UCI scene for many years !

With this in mind , i would like to see that the Future of Cycling Sport is guaranteed a FRESH START by what could be described as a fresh face ! For the person i have in mind , it may be a sacrifice of family life , but they have the credentials , that the German Woman and Aussie woman may currently lack ?

as President of Oceania division of the UCI , thus on the Management committee , Tracey Gaudry is the
ONLY  Person of 42 VOTING DELEGATES w/out Agenda !

Her Twitter address is @GaudryT, there needs to be a great deal of support displayed to encourage her to give up the comforts of Family Life in Oz , to take on a task , that most of the UCI Management Committee feel they are unable to handle ?

IF she wishes to Spring Clean UCI , I say " Good on yer , Digger !


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