Sunday, July 7, 2013

REST DAY at " Le Tour "!

After 2 Days of the Pyrennees , " Le Tour " moves north , racers by air , their Equipment by Road ! Fans , well they will do the best they can ! Georgethecyclist.blogspot left Albi by car for the first 100 miles with a fellow Touring Cyclist but will continue the slog North at about 10MPH , hoping to arrive in time to see Tuesday's Arrivee near St Malo ! Better you than me , my friend !

Each Tour de FRANCE has it's retinue of " Drug Busts /Cheats " , usually it takes a few days for the announcement , but the dates are generally associated with " Rest Days "! Already the Gendarmerie has taken several hours turning over the contents of the " Radio Shack Camper Van " , fruitless effort , to the relief of ALL Fans .

Seems the UCI Presidential Race is now in full swing with ONLY 2 Candidates , both people are using time and money to impress the 40 other " Voting Delegates " !  phat the rat has called for " Pantani's Legacy " to be overturned , seen to a racer of the " 100th Le Tour " being sent home for the disgraceful offence of being unable to stay within 25% of the Winning Team's time last Tuesday ! Matters not that he was severely injured and rode the entire 25km after the Ramp , alone ! Good to see that phat applies the rules in a " Fair & impartial manner "! Of course " King Cav , in the past was treated if a different manner , as were other " Mates " ! Could be that phat is wearing " Burn proof armour on his butt , in case the Americans & Italians decide to roast him ?

GiroRosa , the Italian 8 day stage race finished today , with Vos running in 2nd to Mara Abbott of USA Team EXG :

Reporting the goings on during this event was Tiffany of Orica , although i saw several nights Highlights thanks to the Event coverage by RAI TV :

Coming in the near future is a Docu on Womens' Racing :

Back to " Le Tour " , in a few days , we will see what the UCI , will have done at this " 100th Edition ", but had i had my way , this Petition would have seen the UCI handling matters in a far more satisfactory way :

Wonder if those 42 " Voting Delegates " will even consider " Truth & Reconciliation Commission " whilst in Firenze ?

Both Candidates are voicing , WHAT they think people consider to be issues , but ALWAYS with "qualifications attached "!

Great EXCUSE ! " Our Rules currently do not allow "!



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