Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WADA ! Oh what big teeth you have !

Last week WADA elected a New President ! This week we find that UNPLEASANT
News will be delivered to hundreds of thletes ! Seems that " PED Testing methods " have been even more enhanced , in recent times ?

Whilst Tennis Stars are screeming in the Media about having the " Bio Passport " imposed on them , thus some already being given 2 year Holidays , some of the Athletes nearing the end of the 8 year Statute of Limitations , will read the following with DISMAY :

Just seen Usain Bolt , on the TV talking about his Autobiography , will he be worried about these developments ? His problem is that his Country's Anti Doping Agency , has a questioable history . Throw enough mud and some will stick ? Bearing in mind that about 6 of his Discipline Colleagues , were suspended in the recent times and soon we will have a Media Feeding Frenzy , even if the Guy is as clean as he claims ?

Testing 2006 Winter Olympians at Torino produced only one recorded result , a Russian Biathlete . In 2010 some retesting was done with negative results , but now more are being subjected to the new tests . With these tests revealing several Athletes at the Moscow World Championship Event in August 2013 , 2 of whom have already been named , but others to be revealed , it is an odds on certainty that there are Winter Olympians of 2006 Torino awaiting their post ?

Retesting of Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics has been done in 2012 , with 5 Athletes being detected . Guess this quote will unsettle a few of the Beijing Athletes :

  "  "We can go back to Beijing before 2016," Ljungqvist said. "We may do that. We haven't decided yet. We will do it as the eight-year time approaches."

Problem that continues to exist is that a determined Doper , will reap the Glory of the Podium and the Financial Rewards attendant to that , meanwhile , the CLEAN Athlete will be overlooked and may even leave the Sport , through financial hardship , if not dissolusionment with not being able to reveal their knowledge ?

TIME that there was a MORE EFFECTIVE " whisteblowing system " in place , perhaps with Financial Incentives " to ensure that " Determined Dopers " know that they are no longer immune , and will not have the opportunity to enjoy their UNWARRANTED benefits , for years , as is currently the situation .

WADA has been shown to be receiving a smaller Budget in coming years , BUT , with the fact that , Hundreds of recent tests are reported to be " Negatives " ,  is it not  time that their Budgets , were severely enhanced ?


I for one , want to see clean Sport !

There are some that are helping WADA in their fight for CLEAN SPORT !  Skins chairman , Jaimie Fuller , is one such . Using his company resources he has taken the fight to UCI , successfully causing the Aigle Tag Team Duo , to withdraw from their unfounded Legal Action against Paul Kimmage , who Outed Lance Armstrong . 

In recent months together with Ben Johnson , he made a World Trip highlighting Doping before visiting the IOC HQ in Lausanne . Ben Johnson was caught Doping in Seoul , his life was changed by that event . His Celebrity and life since should serve as a warning to ANY OTHER contenplating PED use as a way to enhance their Career ?

Another point reflecting on :

  "  Why does the degree of Doping/ PED use matter? I always hear rape is rape. If nice guy doped and bad guy doped, well dope is dope. Why treat them differently?"

As regards the USADA Reasoned Decision , which saw off , an athlete that seemingly avoided
detection , UCI Management in tzhe period 1999 & 2001 , intervened to " Hein & co`s benefit . This is a common observation on his fully deserved Life Time Ban :

  "  Like bribery, coersion, money laundering, drug dealing/supply, witness intimidation, perjury, libel, fraud and corrupt business practices 

Add all that into the mix and the perp in question deserves slightly different treatment to somebody who takes the odd shot of EPO every now and then don't you think? "

DOPING pays in the Short Term , BUT WADA , will now ensure that the DOPER , takes a serious knock in the FUTURE !


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