Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SCRAPPED ! Bye Bye Specialized !

Bully Boys never win the WAR ! They can win a Battle or two , but , who will want to support them ?

Cafe ROUBAIX are on the receiving end of a letter or two from Lawyers , last week . This week the Lawyers , are on the pointy end of the Social Media response ! Of course , we don't know WHO the Lawyer are , BUT , Specialized do ?

@iamspecialized inbox would have been overflowing Monday Morning after @CafRoubaix related his tale of woe in Social Media venues this past weekend .

My first thoughts were to Tweet @gpmondini , a guy that has helped me many times over the years . He was part of the Pantani Team that were kind to me so often , as i rode the Grand Tour routes in the late 1990s and early 2000s . GP was there when i met Marco , as a translator . He went out of his way with several Teams to give me assistance . One occasion inviting me into a social gathering , even though he knew i was not "Accredited ".

Another way  i suggested helping Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio , was to encourage the creation of a "Change.org Petition " , a simple way to tell the CEO of Specialized that Cycling Fans were NOT AMUSED by the " Bully Boy tactics " . This idea was proposed after @SafeCyclingOz had created a fundraiser  to assist in raising the $US150k needed to P#ssoff the Bullies :


Each of these methods are symbolic , mean little to most people , but i felt a more positive action was required .

Not too many people will actually BOYCOTT the company , even though they write about doing so in their comments in Social Media . Easy to say " Going elsewhere for Shoes , Parts , Bikes "!

Well i just STRIPPED this bike !



Here are the Tweets :

This was the Spec Allez with Zabel & Aldeg at TDF Gr8 photo then!

This was the Spec Allez TODAY after U attacked SCRAP

No doubt there will be FEW copying my example ?


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