Tuesday, July 20, 2010

M.Le President N.Sarkozy

Copy of email to President Nicolas Sarkozy on 15th July 2010
“M.Le President N.Sarkozy”
In riding for the 13th time the route of the Tour de France i once again come across “french logic”!
Yesterday was the French National day and at a Sapiers Pompiers station i asked them for a cup of coffee but was told to move on, then the boss kicked the bike to emphasize the message!
Today (15th July) i followed the racers for about 30km before a Cadet of the Gendarmerie imposed a halt for my safety!
I was riding on an empty road as the racers had passed and since i was only following the ¨Defleckage van¨ there was no traffic on this empty road to slow me down.
When the blockade was lifted after 25 mins there were several thousand annoyed drivers demonstrating their frustration!

I decided that the road was no longer safe to ride and hitched a ride into the town of Die from where this email travels to your office.

Last night 14th i met a General of the Gendarmerie and explained i am here also for those of his colleagues whose service in Iraq and Afganistan has changed their lifestyle and causes them to take part in ¨Paralympic Sport¨! He told me of his support for a Japanese Athlete but was unable to advise what his people do for their colleagues!

Perhaps it is time for you as President of FRANCE to impose a decree on the ASO{tdf people) to invite the World's paralympians to ride the ¨contre montre¨the same day as those racing the TDF, so that the public see these ¨French & European heroes in action"!

Will look forward to seeing you once again at the tour and it will be my pleasure to have you sign another tricot as well as my bike, both then will be donated to raise funds for "Paralympic Sport".

I passed a Livestrong bracelet to His Majesty King Albert 2 in Brussels and will also have one for you and Carla to wear if you choose.

Sincere wishes from an Advocate for Disabled Sport!

Still awaiting a reply, could be "Nicko's staff are on a work to rule and are only replying to emails written in french and denigrating their boss!

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