Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last year at the TDF i was punched and pummelled by "gorillas" of the "turd brigade", these lame brains regard me as a challenge to their inferior mentality since i try to ride each and every stage regardless of weather, distance or hardship.

A week after returning to Austria last year i suffered some pain in the right chest area, i thought it was a trapped nerve on the Sunday evening but this persisted until i was hospitalised on the following thursday and diagnosed with blood clots in the lung. After the beating by the turds with a billy club borrowed from a member of the CRS i coughed up and passed blood but did not at the time think it was all that serious, foolish on reflection!

What brought this to mind was a repeat performance at St Jean de M. on the arrival area about 1600 last week, 13th July. Having cycled the route i arrived at the vehicle turnout point about 100m from the finish line and took some refreshment from those dispensing to the public. Two turds turned up to reinforce those already there and in front of two gendarmes proceeded to manhandle me away towards the bushes. i wanted to walk on the grass for safety but was punched and shoved on to the rocky surface by these malcontents and they asked the gendarmes for a loan of their batons which request fortunately was refused. Nevertheless my back is still suffering at this time from the punches inflicted and they told me they would like to "repeat last years lesson"they dished up".

I reported this incident to a Captain of the Gendarmerie whose aides confirmed that the gendarmes who observed the incident were members of his unit. Not much he could do about it as these turds operate as a group and i travel alone, well tough luck goons , this time a member of the public happened to video the incident and a copy is now with French Lawyers as are some witness statement! Action will follow and substantial damages will go to "Paralympic Sport"whose cause i espouse.

Prudhomme was a talking head with a vacous smile whilst employed by French television, now that he has joined ASO, operators of the tour he reminds me of a truculent child who scatters his toys in a petulent rage . Each time i shake hands with him i count my fingers and then wash my hands to avoid contamination!

He and his people have been putting it about that i am getting some benefit from riding the tour. Well if spending my own money and riding in extreme heat suffering abuse and missing out on the gadgets passed out to the general public is a benefit then i am guilty! But only an idiot would think like that and have the stupidity to believe any of the drivel that these lamebrains are putting about!

In the first week of this TDF i actually met an aussie whose wife gave me a cup of coffee last year and was agrieved that i didn't stop to thank him as he defaced a tunnel entrance. Still carrying the chip on his shoulder this year!

Prudhomme when you start treating "Paralympians" as equal to the TDF racers and allow them to race the "Contre Montre's"on the same day i will stay home and watch Eurosport or even that little known effort known as SBS from Oz ! Meanwhile i will suffer the crap that you and your staff dish up and if your minions continue to give me the "coventry" treatment see if i care!

Sticks and stones sport!

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