Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TARN tarnished

M.Le President Nicolas Sarkozy i emailed your office last week but your "dilligent employees are probably working to rule so are only reading submissions in french and denigrating their employer!

Never mind, i sent a copy to www.fatcyclist.com(13th july blog comments) and you can read it once again there! Fat cyclist has 50000+followers so with luck half the educated world have been informed of my concerns!

Saturday last i started out early bas usual and some Cadets wearing blue uniforms practised their version of the "arrette", seems like even after only a few days out of school they are making up or practising sloppy technique!The road was to close at 12 as stated on the TDF roadsigns but they were inflicting themselves at 11am.

First effort was as i crossed the department border into the Tarn department by an older (experienced officer?), having passed over a written/painted sign (tourists Go Home!) i was not surprised when he said "mr skippy you are not welcome here"! Walked away from him then during the next kilos found the latest intake performing as if just released from the circus!

Eventually i met a guy with a patch with two horizontal gold bars enclosing a red bar, he told me that the road was closed even to foot traffic but if i wished to visit the penitentary i could be accomodated, i was in no mmod to visit the village of st chiruge so walked back about 5km to a farm where we tried to find a way out of that part of the Tarn w/out using the tour route, impossible! After several hours of back country riding uphill and down i arrived the other side of the Tarn river at Ambuliert as the racers were passing.

Suffice to say that i will not be recommending others to visit and/or spend money in the Tarn,not a good day for tourism! Arrived at revel as the last of the racers were heading for their hotels

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