Saturday, July 2, 2011

PAGE 7 OF TDF 2011 Guide Book

RMC RADIO has a 5 door car with a TDF decal no. 826 who thinks that getting out of bed late and then using the Klaxon to clear cyclists out of his way to arrive at the "Depart" is acceptable behaviour !

WRONG ! Tried it on me and got the wag of a finger and then tried to side swipe me off the road . 1O minutes later after getting stuck in the traffic jam that i rode through he tried to side swipe me into some pedestrians who jumped clear as he drove at them ! Reported the details to the President of the "Village Depart Tourist Office" who hosted me to coffee and excellent pastries which the locals have perfected !

The TDF Guidebook is given to ALL Those who seek to work at the Tour and wish to be treated as "accredited personnel" ! Fact is i choose not to use this facility as even though there are only 5% who abuse their priveleges i consider that unacceptable ! Over the years i have had to endure bad behaviour from a selection of "bullies" who because i am a visitor travelling alone am treated as an outsider by those ganging up to support their mates/colleagues !

Over the years i have seen totally unacceptable driving that had it been "normal road rules " elsewhere the cops would act ! Today was the first time in 14 Years i have seen a Radar Camera Gun being used by Gendarmes hiding in the bushes on a "Tour de France Route" ! Hopefully they got a good result AND the authorities collect the fines that result from this action !

Riding from Les Essarts to the "depart " was taxing and then to be treated as a nuisance to one of those who has to wear identification was a step too far . 10 am i was off with an " Aussie, Aussie , Aussie " over the bridge to be told the " passage" was closed and had to do a return to the "parcours" south of the village . Several hours of "in the face" breeze did not help pass the day in an agreable manner . Raided 3 " Private Fetes" for an assortment of food and pastis during the ride and spent one occasion letting the caravan pass . Once again i saw the pitiful offerings that the "sponsors " choose to foist on an unsuspecting public . Later the RMC vehicle passed with a toot but since there were Gendarmes about decided to behave .

Later i was sideswiped from the road by an official vehicle without number and broke spokes . When a Gendarme wearing 4bars asked me to stop , i had little choice and then he gave me incorrect directions to Les Essarts causing me to visit La Roche adding to the 250 KM for the day !

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