Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vittel Mavericks

Even before road closures the "water carrying vehicles of Vittel" are busy telling "ASO" they will njot comply with the requirement to drive correctly ! Driven by students who were here last year they think that they can continue in the way they did before , tailgating and overtaking as if there is unlikely to be traffic coming towards them on the open roads !

Seems like "ASO" needs to put ALL tour drivers through a safety course with an exam to see that they have READ and UNDERSTOOD the rules of the French Roads and thus are able to set an example to those sitting or standing beside the roadside whilst awaiting the arrival of the racers .

Tour decal "3606" overtaking on a blind corner with 4 of his colleagues following could have created a horrible scenario had there been a vehicle coming the other way as the road was open to traffic . Of course the Gendarmerie has been used to seeing this behaviour in the past so are disinclined to act , could be they also have to play catchup before there are casulties .

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