Wednesday, July 13, 2011


" Spivs " with plastic flags & nougat take over corners and road junctions to sell their products ! They get in the way of an approaching vehicle forcing it to stop and then " badger " the driver to buy their " wares " , as a result all the traffic is brought to a halt and this is ALL the roads at the junction . Meanwhile one of these " spivs " keeps an eye open for the "police " and as the " law " arrives there is a mad scramble for the getaway .

Take today in Lavour , there is a round point overseen by a Gendarme whilst the " ASO designated assistant " filters through " accreditated vehicles but about 100m away there is another road block created by the " vermin ". Just out of sight of the Gendarme they are enjoying fruitful pickings on the unsuspecting . Seeing this i wandered back to the Gendarme and asked him to use " his " phone to call his control . He refused since it was not his job to report about these people so i called out to a Police National Adjuntant on a motor velo who when i explained the matter went to stop the "vermin operating ". Leaving them he came back towards the round point but meanwhile a mas scramble took place to exit the scene . As they drove up the road a Gendarmerie vehicle arrived with klaxon & blue lights looking to apprehend the culprits . Several minutes were lost as they spoke to all and then took off in pursuit .

Later as i ate lunch near the SNCF gare i saw and spoke to a "Commandant rank Gendarme and explained the problem of the phone and he told me the original Gendarme should have used his initiative since there was valuable time wasted chasing the miscreants !

My opinion is of course , IF a Gendarme carries a "mobile phone " then he should use it to seek advice from his superiors . I did not ask him to leave his post but seek assistance too often in the past i have seen this situation .

Officers make decisions , the ranks seek approval , but it is frustrating to see once again the escape of a vehicle which looks similar to the one i reported yesterday . I also reported the vehicle from the streets of Carmaux was likely to be in the area !

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