Monday, July 9, 2012

C**T* , said Brad Wiggins !

Second evening in the Maillot Jeune and Brad was quiet and amiable at the daily press conference , until , a journo from AP Int , decided to seek sensationalism ! The assembled journos  certainly got their quote of the day ! Can you imagine the feelings of those that did not attend ?

My tweet to the first item I read on this event , which did not go through , so had to send by email instead :

  “ “

  “ Email comment to the Brad Wiggins story since my computer link for the reply did not work ! “

  “  Your report of the News Conference at the Tour de France today , sounds like a “ Lance Armstrong “ repeat from past years !

Tweeted by C Vdv :

Here is a link to one of them. but I believe he didn't say "cut". It had a "N" and a "S" in it.

Johan bruyneel said on Twitter :

Johan Bruyneel‏@JohanBruyneel
Loved the response of @bradwiggins to his critics at the press conf. Get used to it, mate. It's windy at the top!

Personally I tend to agree with C VDV in that during the past few days the TDF has been sidelined whilst the Media are feeding on Conjecture , Rumour , Innuendo and leaping to conclusions !

Regrettable that Ryder has gone home , Injured BUT there is more at the TDF to occupy your personnel other than USADA’s efforts to cheat the public of proper use of Tax payers money !

Am I a fan of Lance ? Read my blogs , starting with and then check Lancing Armstrong in another Blog !  “

CNF and similar forums have been having a field day with “ SKY Team “ and the members of this team in recent times . Recovering from illness is NOT GOOD ENOUGH reason for turning in better results than previously , according to so many  “ Arm Chair critics “!

MY Tweet on this subject :

skippy mc carthy‏@skippydetour
@JohanBruyneel @bradwiggins with this event Brad & Sean will become the next targets of the " Downtrodden , lazy & unforgiving 3rd estate !

Lifted from “

  “ After a pause, Wiggins replied: "They are just f***ing w*****s. I cannot be doing with people like that. It justifies their own bone-idleness because they can’t ever imagine applying themselves to anything in their lives. It’s easy for them to sit under a pseudonym on Twitter rather than get off their arses in their own life and apply themselves and work hard at something and achieve something, and that’s ultimately it. C***s!"

WELL DONE BRAD ! Of course now you can expect to be treated in the same fashion as Lance regardless of the results from this year’s “ Le Tour “! Journos think they walk on water , BUT they generally only get paid when they produce sensationalism and you will have filled their coffers , as they wiped the slime off their faces !

Another item came to my attention yesterday written by an ABC reporter , glenn Mitchell , from Oz , funnily , this appears to be a blatant piece of plagiarism  of an earlier piece by Ed Pickering :

My comment there :

Written to Jacques Rogge to call a “ Sports Moratorium “ so as to “ Clean House “! Unless he gets this job done , we WILL be watching the “ Chemical Olympics “ in years to come !

Drug companies use Athletes , to their benefit , to improve and tweak their products .  Research results could help the World population as a whole BUT the Sports Arena is not the place for Sporting Fraud !

Sporting Fraud has been rampant since before the fall of the IRON Curtain ! IT continues to grow to such an extent , that even Amateurs looking for “ bragging rights “ with their mates , think that the use of PED s are acceptable  behaviour !

As regards the moratorium , checkout  ,  see if you agree , that the time has arrived , that Sporting Fraud has to STOP !

Will IOC and/or WADA go against their vested interests ? Too many incumbents at the top of these organisations have had the finger pointed at them in recent years for them to be comfortable ! USADA appear to be ignoring those in the UCI , some of whom serve within the IOC , says a lot to many , does it not ?

Certainly I would not like to be the Athlete OR Referee taking the “ Olympic Oath “ in this Internet connected World , where you would have to live in isolation , to avoid hearing the latest news of USADA ‘s efforts or any goings on in their chosen sport !

Today “ Podium Café “ waded into the situation with this article :

They made plenty of valid points and the one that stayed with me was the fact that Twice Brad has put the pressure on his team by denying Cadel’s team the Maillot Jeune to defend ! Of course letting Cadel have the Millot Jeune could be the beginning of the end and I feel certain that Cadel will do all he can to distance himself from Vincenza Nibali !

Won’t be posting a comment to Podium Café since to do so , you get to visit SB Nation front page which is so full of US Sport , and totally irrelevant to my purposes !


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