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As an " Honorary President of UCI " , Hein is copping some stick this week ! Seems that he has never been popular with the " mushroom farmers at CNF ! Not being in Holland i am as yet unaware as to whether he arrended any of the Management Meetings or the Annual Friday Congress .

With the USADA supposedly compiling their case against Armstrong for delivery at some future date , the Media are churning up all sorts of stories to fill their quotas . Produce articles or else must be their watchword ? No point paying their own expenses for the " jollies " they are enjoying in Holland !

The following article surfaced on CNF :

"  From: Hein Verbruggen
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 09:19:50 +0100
To: Martin Hardie
Cc: Vincent Gaillard , Ingrid Beutler , Hein Verbruggen
Subject: El Pais article

Dear Mr. Hardie,
I refer to an article you have recently written published at:
Allow me to express my anger and disappointment that you, as a Lecturer at the Deakin University of Australia have bowed so low as to publish such unfounded comments. You state that ‘Y al decirlo es como si describiera a su propio patrĂ³n, a Verbruggen, al mismo Verbruggen que, muchos dicen, tiene su dedo en muchos pasteles financieros y vĂ­nculos de negocios que, como poco, suponen un grave conflicto de intereses.’ As an academic, such unfounded claims of conflicts of interest without any proof, based solely on rumours, show a profound lack of professionalism on your part.
Having never met you personally, your accusations are defamatory and I would warn you to exercise restraint and journalistic professionalism in your research prior to publishing further such claims. While I do not aim to defend myself here, you should be aware that I have fought to uphold the standards of transparent and ethical practices in doping eradication both during my time as President of the UCI and now as President of SportAccord. I have enabled and driven my organisation’s dedicated focus to combating match-fixing and to establishing good governance in sport.
My disappointment is profound, but trust that in the future your publications pronounce fact and not fiction and serve to benefit those who are working so hard to ensure good governance in sport.
Yours sincerely,
Hein Verbruggen

On 29/11/11 7:31 PM, “Hein Verbruggen” wrote:
Hein Verbruggen would like to recall the message, “El Pais article”.

One wonders who was responsible for these emails becoming available to that blog ?

Another article caught my attention recently and led me to look for the source of the report about the forgotten emails :

I won't bore you by reprinting the content of the article , since you only have to hit the link .

First met Hein , in Valkenberg , in 1998 , at the World Cycling Champs and subsequently visited the old offices , west of Lausanne , after riding the route of the Tour de Romandie one year . It was a very pleasant visit and i seem to recall that i met Ray Godkin , Vice President of UCI , as a result . Ray has been the subject of a variety of controversies also , over the years , one subject was related to Leontin's visit to Australia's , Dunc Gray Velodrome in Sydney .

Whilst at the 2004 Olympics in Athens i had occasion to ride over to Hein , as he was awaiting transport on the steps of the Hilton , to the Olympic Stadium and whilst chatting Dick Pound wandered over to introduce himself . Seems he was aware of my involvement in Physically Challenged Sport .

Meanwhile CNF warriors are in uproar about the UCI going ahead with their Court action against Paul Kimmage . Seems that UCI has chosen to take the low road and sue the Journalist alone , rather than the Newspapers / vehicles that printed the articles that caused them to be so upset .  Guess they hope that Paul's pockets are not so deep now that he is no longer employed by the " Times of London " ! Last year there was an action to raise monies to help Charles Pelkey , as soon as this means to support Paul becomes available i shall post a link on my blogs !

Here is a link to the Article about the Fund for Paul :

Whilst UCI Delegates are meeting in Holland , the WADA org. is meeting in Stockholm ! In fact David Howman in delivering the keynote speech called for " New Alliances " to fight Doping as it is considered to be a " PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE "! Too bad that UCI and WADA have to meet at the same time , since both should be working together to eradicate the sources of Doping in ALL SPORT ! As some may be aware Fatpat (Phat , the CNF nickname ) is a member of the WADA Management , representing the IOC in some manner , curious that he is unable to be instrumental in avoiding a clash of dates ?

Garmin are amongst those i choose to follow on Twitter , and this week their Tweeting , included advice of David Millar being involved in setting up future WADA protocols !

Some may recall that Dave was suspended for 2 years after admitting to French Police the use of PEDs in 2003 whilst he was UCI World Champion Road Time Trialler . What surprises me is that he is a Co Owner of Garmin Team ! When he returned to Cycling he adopted an " Anti Doping " stance , but , Garmin seems to have collected quite a few other Road Racers with a questionable background .  Zabriskie , Danielson and Vandevelde are ALL awaiting the fallout from their discussions with USADA . No doubt there are others that will hear from USADA when the Armstrong Papers are passed to UCI in the next months !

On another blog there are links to the press conference where Phat  took some questions from David Millar about UCI's handling of Doping during recent years .

Just before you rush away , here is a hilarious take on Hein by these guys :


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